Tuesday, June 28, 2016

***** Saturday July 2 hikes, Mississagi Park *****

Saturday's 10 am hike will be on the Helenbar in Mississagi Park.  Please meet at the trailhead for the Helenbar by 10 am.  To gain free entrance to the park, tell the gate staff that you are a member of the Coureur de Bois hiking club.  

There will also be an afternoon Family hike at 2 pm along the Semiwite Creek trail. Meet your hike leaders at the gatehouse just prior to 2 pm.

Happy Canada Day hiking!

McCarthy Falls, June 27, 2016

Commentary by Donna C, photos by Donna C, Shawna C, Linda P.
​Thank you Ingrid for taking the TBA hike today, a beautiful day with very few bugs and a nice cool breeze for 14 hikers.  Parking at the bottom of the first big hill was a great start, every once in awhile some of us got a " whiff" of an animal nearby in the bush.  Lilypads were numerous in places in the marshes.  We made our way to the falls for lunch , some of us enjoying sitting on top of the ridge while others ventured closer to the falls.  Chuck and Connie entertained us with some fancy swimming.  PHOTOS

Saturday, June 25, 2016

***** New Photos for McCabe and Rossmere hikes *****

We have more photos for the McCabe and Rossmere hikes, submitted by Tana F.  Thanks Tana!! 
Rossmere PHOTOS

***** Mississagi Provincial Park *****

We still have lots of availability for the Park Ambassador program.  If you're interested in FREE CAMPING (no brainer), have a look at the Mississagi PP calendar and call Astrid at 578-2095 with the date(s) you'd like to attend.  

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rossmere Lake, June 23, 2016

Commentary by Gayle (this is important....see last sentence!!), photos by Gayle and Astrid
We had a very enjoyable hike today. Besides the mud and the inevitable bugs, it was a beautiful trail to Rossmere Lake where we lunched, enjoyed each others company and caught a refreshing breeze. Thank You to those who could come out today. I will wash the dust off your vehicles.  PHOTOS

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

***** Black Bear Presentation *****

from Emily
"Black Bear Presentation"
Jim Johnston will do a presentation on black bear safety. It is free. The date, place and time will be announced  later.  If you are interested in attending please email Jim Johnston with Black Bear Presentation in the subject line of your email. Here is Jim's email address: jimajohnston@sympatico.ca  

***** Intermediate Hike, June 23, 2016 *****

From Gayle
The Intermediate Hike for June 23rd will be on an ATV trail into Rossmere Lake which is off the GasLine Road. The hike time is approximately 40 minutes each way. The terrain is varied with some muddy sections but overall a beautiful trail ending at the beach on Rossmere. Suggested apparel is long sleeves and pants, appropriate footwear, bug spray and of course water and lunch

Saturday, June 18, 2016

McCabe Lake, June 18, 2016

Commentary and photos by Astrid T.
Three new hikers joined us today making it an even dozen that rambled to McCabe Lake today.  Hike leader Ron T. had chosen well as we were spared the worst of the heat by the tree canopy and the breeze kept the bugs at bay.  Lunch in the shade at the beach where four of us took a refreshing swim in the lake.  Ahhhh summer in Elliot Lake; life is good!  PHOTOS

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Wolf Lake, June 14th, 2016

commentary and photos by Nickie
A group of 18 hikers enjoyed a walk to Wolf Lake under ideal weather conditions. As we approached the lake, we surprised a porcupine who proceeded to show us his tree climbing abilities.  Despite one particularly challenging hill, everyone had a great time. PHOTOS

***** Trail Clearing in Mississaugi Park *****

The club will be assisting park staff on Thursday, June 16th.  If you can lend a hand clearing the Helenbar Trail, please meet in the Sears parking lot at 9 am.  We will carpool to the park.  Dress appropriately, bring water, lunch and bug spray.