Sunday, August 17, 2014

***** So long, Summer and Hello to an Awesome Autumn *****

 So long, Summer 
Hello to an Awesome Autumn
Pizza Night
Tuesday, Sept. 2
5:00 pm. at Clubhouse
The scope of the get together on September 2nd has been widened.  

This has been a busy summer season for all of  our club members.

 Our activities included clearing trail, volunteering at Mississaugi Park, helping out at Lumberjack Days, kayaking, sailing, swimming, canoeing, relaxing, visiting with family, camping under the stars, reading,  as well as hiking. 

  We would like to take the opportunity on Sept. 2 to get caught up with each other and say,

 "So long, Summer and Hello to an Awesome Autumn."

Cost will be $10.00 person.
Pizza will be from Toppers. Salad, dessert, coffee, tea and water will be served.
Please contact Donna at 705-461-7958  or Emily at  705-848-5980 before Friday, August 29 if you are attending.

We hope to see you there and to hear your adventures from summer and plans for the fall.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lake Superior Coastal Trail, August 11, 2014

Photos by Donna C. and Astrid T. 
Nine hikers tackled a section of the Lake Superior Coastal Trail from Coldwater River to Katherine Cove. Easy parts included breathtaking sections of the Canadian Shield with spectacular rock formations. Then there were the rocks and boulders, and more rocks and boulders, and MORE ROCKS AND BOULDERS which we took our time with, often sliding on our butts or handwalking over some very difficult sections of trail. Not a lot of bush trails on this hike, most of it along the water. Great hike with friends. Thankfully the rain held of until we were finished a refreshing swim in Katherine Cove.  A special thank you to Jean-Guy for leading this hike!  PHOTOS

Sault Ste Marie and Ziplining, August 10, 2014

Photos by Donna C.
A group of us met in the Soo on Sunday and walked along the boardwalk, took in the sights at the Soo locks, and explored a bit of Whitefish Island.  After the walk, it was off to a ziplining adventure north of the Soo!  PHOTOS

Rooster Rock, August 11, 2014

Commentary and photos by Allan R.
Chuck and Ingrid led a group of 6 to Rooster Rock. Two of our hikers had never been there before so it was special for them. I tried getting a few different perspectives by using a wide angle lens. The lake was like glass.  PHOTOS

***** Sherriff Creek Trail Closure Update *****

Below is an update from Denison Environmental;

The Milliken culvert replacement is complete. Barricades have been removed and public access can resume.

The Sheriff Creek Sanctuary work is still ongoing and the site will be closed to public access over the weekend. We expect that work will be complete by Tuesday, August 12. Barricade tape has been put along all trail access routes and we would ask any groups to avoid walking in this area even if equipment is not operating at the time. When the site work is complete, the barricade tape will be removed.


Friday, August 08, 2014

***** Hiker Chicks Dinner *****

This month's Hiker Chicks Dinner will be held at the Dragonfly Restaurant in Massey on Friday, August 15th at 5 pm.  Please contact Tana at 705-848-9731 or email her at if you would like to attend.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

***** Lake Superior Hiking Update *****

Here's the schedule for this coming Sunday and Monday.


11:30 am - Meet at McDonald's on Hwy 17E.  It's on the left hand side of the highway as you approach the Soo.  We'll depart for the waterfront around noon.

Explore the waterfront.

Around 2 pm we'll check into Glenview Cottages or other accommodation, depending on what arrangements you've made.

3:00 pm - Ziplining at Treetop Adventures.

9:30 am - Meet at Glenview Cottages ready to go.  Please make sure you have enough water, food and the proper equipment for a day of hiking along Lake Superior.  Other items you may want to bring include a hat, sunscreen, bug juice, and a bathing suit.

See you on the trails!


Tuesday, August 05, 2014

***** VTA Photos Contest *****

The Voyageur Trail Association's 40th anniversary photo contest is coming to a close on August 24, 2014. If you have some favourite photos you've taken on the trail over the years, consider submitting them to be judged by Gary and Joanie McGuffin. Prize winners will be announced at the fall Annual General Meeting. Visit for details.

Nordic TMA, August 4, 2014

Commentary and photos by Allan R
Al & Charlotte led a small group on the Nordic TMA road. We spotted 2 Sandhill Cranes (no photos), autumn leaves (groan!) and some interesting pinkish coloured grasses. We walked approx. 5.75 km and enjoyed coffee and a few laughs at Tim's. PHOTOS

***** Lake Superior Hiking *****

A group of us are heading for the Soo next Sunday and Monday.  On Sunday we'll be exploring the islands in the locks area and on Monday we're heading north to hike along the coast of Lake Superior.  If you're interested in this hike, please note that we will not be doing as strenuous a hike as in years past.  The climbs have been eliminated in favour of hugging the shore.  This does not mean it will be easy as we will be hiking across rocks, pebbles and sand beaches, but it will be easier than two years ago.  Come join us! Please contact Jean-Guy at 848-2544 for more information. There will be another post later in the week about meeting places and times.