Wednesday, July 17, 2019

***** Lumberjack Days at Mississagi Park

Sara Daigle has asked for our help with Lumberjack Days at Mississagi Park on August 3 and 4.  She needs help with the following;
Saturday from 1130 to 2(ish) parking
Sunday 830 to 1130 serving breakfast
Sunday 830 to 2(ish) parking.

If you can help out, please call Marty at 261-3879.  Thanks!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Hike into North/South Lake, 2019-07-16

Photos and commentary by Donna:
Another great day of hiking with sunny skies and a nice breeze as Donna took 11 hikers along a road which turned into a trail towards North/South Lakes. The waters were still high in some dammed spots .  We seen bushes of small green blueberries and with weather we have had it should be a good year for them.

Various flowers along the way made for great  conversation as to what they were.  We were ready to head to Mcds for refreshments after the hike.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Old Baldy trail clearing, 2019-07-10

What a group effort!  Fifteen people showed up today to help clear the 
Old Baldy Trail off Flack lake.  It was hard work and we all ended the 
day tired but very satisfied for having cleared the entire trail. 

We’ll have to make a point of hiking it in the fall.  
Thanks go out to: Joce, Sue, Sue M., Jim M,  
Jim and son Tom, Dave, Judy, John,  Phill, Rick, Dan, Gary, 
Gerry and Nickie. 

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Rye Lake, 2019-07-08

Photos and commentary by Donna:
Chuck led 12 hikers in the trail to Rye Lake.  What a change with NO bugs to mention.  We have 3 new hikers who  joined us today.  The lake was beautiful with lily pads and yellows on them.  Lunch was on a point overlooking the lake. 

Stanleigh Mine Site, 2019-07-06

Photos and commentary by Emily:
Jim led us on hike to Stanleigh Mine property. It was a cool ish,  cloudy day with a breeze that kept the bugs away in the open areas. They had their feeding frenzy as we hiked through bushy areas.
We were all amazed by the crop of unripe blueberries. It will be a great crop this year. 
The wildflowers were in full bloom. Ox eye daisies, blue-eyed,  yellow and orange hawk weed, pink corydalus   nodded and waved in the breeze.
Great day for a hike.. Thanks , Jim.

***** Mount Baldy Trail Clearing *****

We are a go for tomorrow and will be LEAVING THE RONA/SEARS PARKING LOT AT 8 AM SHARP!! As always, please dress appropriately with sturdy hiking boots/shoes, a hat,  bring enough water and a snack, sunscreen and bug juice.  

Thursday, July 04, 2019

**** Going Away Get Together ****

Shelly is leaving soon and we want to say goodbye properly as a club so we are going to have dinner in her honor at George's on Thursday, July 11th at 5:30
Please reply to Sue at 705 848 6035 or Rae at 848 2544 by Tuesday July 9th so we can make reservations. Hope to see you all there.

Esten Lake Beach, 2019-06-27

Commentary by Emily:
We had the most popular hike ever! There were at least 400 participants. To be accurate there were 398 or so winged, buzzing  critters and two sweating, slapping hiking critters. 

Dave and I paid no attention to the weather forecast and set out from Washington Snow Dump to Esten Lake beach. 

We tried a bush trail near Slipper Lake but decided to stay on the roadway because there was a lot of water in the bush. The heat, humidity and bugs were also part of the decision to stick to the road!

There were a lot of rain puddles on the road. At one large puddle we observed 2 toads in the throes of romance. We stood close to the puddle to prevent an approaching side by side vehicle from disturbing the happy couple.

At the beach we waded in the lake to cool off. We sat near a small stream and saw some large turtle tracks along the beach , crossing through the stream and coming out the other side. 

On the way back there were raccoon tracks  in the mud that   indicated the raccoon crossed the road while we were at the beach.

It was a great day for a hike.

 In these hot and humid days stay hydrated and stop to rest in the shade to stay cool. 

Beach to Beach, 2019-07-04

Photos and commentary by Emily:
Five cool hikers left  Spine Beach for Westview Beach this am.  They were on special assignment as Citizen Scientists to check the water temperature of Elliot Lake.  We used the clear calm waters at Spine Beach,  and several other locations to do so.  Actually,  we  used the water to keep cool on such a hot day. .
We heard various birds and saw a pileated woodpecker. .  Very  little garbage was along the path but there was  a  sign of one uncaring dog owner along the path near the tennis court.. Not a stoop and scooper at all.  There was  also evidence of some party animals at a small campsite closer to the Spine Rd beach.  

We had our mid hike break at the Westview Pavillion.  That was another cool spot.  
On the way back we saw some sunbathing hikers at another small beach. 

The heat was as scintillating as the conversations along the trail!! What an interesting group we were.

Paul Echle Trail, 2019-07-02

Photos and commentary by Emily:
On a suggestion from one hiker we drove to the Bunny Hill and hiked the Paul Echle Trail to Stinson Lake. We found the commemorative bench hidden along the lakeshore. We put some flagging tape to lead others to the bench off the first blue trail marker. . The bugs were not too nice and the humidity was downright wicked so we cut the hike short and got back to the . cars at noon. Joan had her own personal bug repellent when a dragon fly landed on her hat!