Thursday, May 19, 2022

THREE LAKES 2022 05 19

 Twas a foggy morning with a slight  chill in the air.  After updating each other about the price of gas, politics and the significance of this Victoria Day weekend

our merry crew of five set out from Washington Snow Dump. 

 We started up Big Burl hill to the Woodpecker Trail System.  There are quite a few burls on yellow birch and some coniferous trees in that area.
True to the name we heard and saw evidence of piliated woodpeckers throughout the trails

. Our first  stop was the lookout over Slipper Lake.  We then headed to a point on Crystal Lake with a clear view of the smooth cliffs at the portage. We found a cedar tree growing out of a mossy erratic along that trail. 

Lunch was at the portage between Angel and Crystal Lakes.  

The trail brought us to Pet Cemetery Hill down to the shore of Slipper Lake and back to our vehicles.

Bugs were not bad. Trailing Aarbutus, pink corydalis and bush cucumber are out. 

A good day to be out.

Friday 2022 05 20

 The event that was scheduled at the Mississagi Park by local First Nations has been postponed to a later date to be determined due to the inclement weather forecast.

Due to the high percentage of rain, i will be cancelling the hike on the Helenbar Trail and hope to reschedule it at the same time the ceremony takes place.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022



Meeting March 15, 2022


       The meeting was called to order by David N. at 7 p.m.

       There were 14 members in attendance.


       Minutes of the previous meeting approved by Jackie S., seconded by Heber D.


       David reported that Jerry indicated that there are hike leaders who certification has expired.

       There is no longer a need to re-write the exam, and the fee to renew is $5.00.

       A motion was made that the Club pay the fees for hike leaders who wish to renew their 

       certification.  Moved by Chuck Z., seconded by David N.  CARRIED.

       Jerry will provide a list of hike leaders whose certification has expired.

       Bill H. offered to contact people who were hike leaders in the past and inquire if they 

       are interested in becoming active leaders again.

       Shared Used report: two meetings had been scheduled, but both were cancelled.   

       The Rod and Gun Club is having an open house on the 4th of June and they asked if we 

       would be interested in setting up a table representing our hiking club.  Heber is willing to 

       look after this, and asked for several volunteers to help man the table.

       An idea of having guest speakers at our regular meetings was put forward, such as Bill

       Johnson of Bear Wise, Chuck speaking on everything you want to know about mushrooms, 

       etc.  This proposal was agreed to by the members present.  We would only have snacks at 

       these special guest speaker evenings.

       There was a brief discussion on a logo for the club.  Marty T. indicated that he has a logo of 

       the club which can be drawn up/designed for other uses as desired.  A suggestion was made 

       about having a club crest that could be sewn on backpacks, coats, etc.

       VTA – a map of our section of the VTA, Kings Lake Rd. to the end of Pipeline Road, will 

       be added to the VTA overall map.  

       The VTA is spending a great deal of money to update their website, making it more

       interactive, etc.     

       The next hike leaders’ meeting will be on March 22, 2022 at 2:30 at the Snowmobile Club.  


4.    VICE-PRESIDENT’S REPORT – Julie B.    

       The hiking club still has a credit of $400 with Laird signs, so we will order signs for Grant’s

       Trail and Emily’s Trail.

       A local company, Sign Rite, can also make signs for us at a reduced rate - $18.00 each or

       $15.00 for 10 or more signs.  Once our credit is used up with Laird signs, this option can be 


       Julie gave a report on our website’s additional pages re information on our trails and the 

       Tidbit section.  Information needs to be gathered on the different trails so that current and 

       future members will have an understanding on how these trails came about, how they got 

       their names, etc. 

       The Tidbits page will be taken down as there appears to be no interest in contributing to it.

       Julie explained to the membership the intended purpose of the Tidbit page at the request of a



       Sue reported on the financials since the last meeting.  The financial report was approved by

       Jackie S. seconded by David N.  CARRIED.

       We currently have 102 paid members.  3 new members joined in January.



       Heber gave a report on the conditions of several trails - Snowshoe Trail, Helen’s Trail, and

       High Rocks Trail.  He also mentioned that a new trail, Nordic Lake Lookout Trail, is still 

       being cleared and it will be a beautiful trail for members.  It should be ready and marked by

       summer.  Signs will also be required by summer.


       Marty T. reported on the last VTA meeting.  The VTA has decided that we pay our local

       membership fees via their website.  This is to go in affect April 1st.  The rationale behind this

       decision is that there will be one date, April 1st, when all membership fees will be due.  

       Concerns were put forward that not everyone in our club would be comfortable with paying

       online, some may not have internet, etc.  A question was put forward whether there would be

       an option for members to pay by cheque via mail. 

       Family membership fees have been done away with, with only single memberships available

       for $30.00, a price increase of $5.00. 

       The VTA discussed the possibility of hiring someone to keep trails open as some clubs 

       have very few members, or none at all, to work on the trails.

       There was a discussion of Covid regulations, sanctioned hikes, etc.  David N. said that we 

       are covered by insurance if we do our due diligence.  As most mandates are lifted, this is no

       longer an issue.

       Chuck Z. made a motion that the hiking club drop all restrictions, seconded by Bill.  A 

       discussion followed with members voicing concerns and opinions.  A vote was taken but it 

       was a tie.  It was decided that there were not enough members present to really take a vote   

       on this issue, so for the time being the status quo will be maintained.

       Sue L. said that Jean-Guy L. had asked about the possibility of having Coureur de Bois

       “business cards” that could be handed out to people who express an interest in the club.  It

       was agreed that this was a good idea.  The blog’s website should be on the card as well as   

       the membership person.  Jackie S. is to explore the costs on Vista for printing the cards.

       Heber D. brought up the idea of having the name or description of a hike being put on the 

       blog.  Discussion followed.  Bill H. felt only special/different hikes should be put on the 

       blog; it also creates more work for the blogger.  Pros and cons of this idea were discussed.


       The meeting was adjourned at 8:11 p.m. 



 Five brave souls completed the hike to Little Quirke Lake from Panel Mine Rd. Just as we were setting off from the parking area, an inquisitive fox stopped by to check us out. He seemed to know exactly what humans are all about and showed no fear whatsoever. He actually tried to follow us as we embarked on a steep climb that marked the start of the trail. Just past the top of the rise we turned off the main trail and followed a rugged route east to Peak Lake, where we paused for a break and took in a lovely view of the lake from the rock ledges. We clambered along the lakeshore, then turned west and reconnected with the main trail that took us the rest of the way to Little Quirke. We passed a couple of beaver ponds, one with a good size lodge, but didn’t see any beavers. Still feeling energized, we then decided to continue on to Brian’s camp where we stopped for lunch. On the way back we opted for a shorter return route via Duthorne Lake, figuring we’d had enough exercise for the day!


The weather was beautiful – sunny but not too warm, with just enough breeze to mostly keep the bugs at bay. Everyone enjoyed the hike and agreed we should explore the area some more.


Monday, May 16, 2022


 Penokean Hills Field Naturalist having celebration at west View park May 17 at 11.00 am

We are welcoming the CDB to join us in the Event with BHP Mining co. and the city Of Elliot lake.

 Proud of the work we do to preserve wildlife and indigenous flower species  this area.


 Friday, May 20th, Mississagi Park opens for the summer camping season. There will be a ceremony provided by the Mississauga and Serpent River First Nations beginning at noon. Following this, I would like to hike the Helenbar trail if anyone is interested. Please email the blog, if you plan on attending.

Sunday, May 15, 2022



The plan is to hike from Panel Mine Rd. to Little Quirke Lake via Peak Lake. Unlike other routes to Little Quirke, this one is mostly dry. There are nice views of both lakes along the way. The difficulty level is probably borderline for a Tuesday hike. The total distance is only about 5km, but there are steep sections and some parts of the trail are pretty rough. Sturdy hiking shoes/boots are a must, and long pants and bug spray are strongly recommended.

THURSDAY HIKE 05 26 2022

 Thursday May 26 we will hike the Cup and Saucer trail on Manitoulin Island. Brush up on your photo skills as there are many opportunities to get THAT shot. Hopefully the many orchids will still be in bloom. Meet at the bank for a 9:00AM start. Good idea to carpool on this one considering the price of fuel. Please offer your driver a few bucks to cover the gas.

As per usual, we will stop for ice cream on the way home. 

Saturday, May 14, 2022


 Sue led 11 around semiwhite creek trail in the park this morning.  It was a  hot day but we were in the woods and shade most of the time. Arbutus was out in force. The team was also trail clearing and with the numbers and implements of mass destruction, we made short work of most of the encroachments.  There were  side trips to views of the creek as it tumbled it's way down to a lake. 

We stopped at the beach/boat launch for water and snack and to allow the women to ridicule the men for a bit.

Then, enjoying the fruits of our labour we reversed direction and followed the newly manicured trail back to the cars. about 5 kms in total.

Heber has the tools in tip top condition.. some were donated in rough shape and one such pair of loppers was voted best of kind..

Good way to spend the morning and the first coffee after was nirvana...

Thanks to all those that drove


Friday, May 13, 2022


Saturday's hike will be the Semiwite Creek Trail. This is a very scenic trail of about 2.5km in length that follows a creek from Semiwite Lake for a bit. Plan is to bring along a few tools to clean the trail up a little before the park opens. Meet at the bank for 10:00 am and we can carpool for any that wish to.