Friday, September 23, 2016

***** September 24th Combined Paddle/Hike/Potluck update*****

from Emily
Unfortunately, the Sept 24 Combined Paddle / Hike / Potluck is cancelled due to lack of response.
There will still be a regular Saturday hike led by Phill Barnes. Meet at Sears Parking lot just before 10 am on Sept 24.
Phill plans to go on the trail to the High Rocks.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

*****Wanted: Hike Leaders*****

from Emily

We Need New Hike Leaders
If you have taken the Hike Leaders’ Certification Course and are wondering what it is like to lead a real hike… wonder no more!!!!
If you have been a bit shy of the responsibility of leading a hike this could be your opportunity to get your feet wet…
Veteran Hike leaders are interested in mentoring new hike leaders. The hike leader can take you along on the preparation for the hike. You can see what it takes to get ready for a hike. All current hike leaders welcome the chance to have new faces join their roster .
You will see that it does not have to be that complicated . In fact, the KISS Principle ( Keep It Simple, Sweetheart) is the best policy when getting ready for a hike.
Accompany the hike leader on that hike.  Look upon it as a ” walk along”. Similar to a civilian going on a police “ride along”, without the donuts!
It does not commit you to leading hikes by yourself. You can always rely on your mentor to help you out if you do decide to plan a hike.
Talk to the hike leader on your next hike if you are interested in this opportunity. You can also contact Emily at this number:

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Lost keys

Keys were found at the corner of Milliken Mine Road and Stanleigh.  If anyone lost their keys during Thursday's hike please get it touch with Jean-Guy at 848-2544 or Gerry at 461-6304.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sanctuary hike, September 17th 2016

from Emily
Today was another misty morning filled with possibilities: will it be foggy? rainy? sunny?  Will we find our way back?  Six hikers decided to brave the grey skies to tour the Blue and Yellow trails at the Sanctuary.  We started at the Hydro substation near the Westview Trailer Park.  The trail had recently been cleared by Jean Guy , John V and the Youth Rangers.  Great job.
As usual, there was an amazing array of topics of conversation among the hikers as we marched along:  pie  recipes, legends of the area,  travelling salesmen jokes, health issues,  the beauty of autumn in this area  and discussions about identification of various plants, scat  and rocks along the trail.
We saw lots of different colours  and sizes   in the mushrooms. Some we were sure had popped up along the trail just this morning during our hike.  We saw a great blue heron, a crayfish at the beaver pond, beaver lodges that were high and dry due to the low water in the pond,  water skaters ( insects)  in the creek below the skidoo bridge and signs of bear :   ripped up old logs; bear scat; and  smells in the heavily wooded areas along the trail.  However,  the ultimate sign of  the proximity a bear was a yearling near the drive through at McDonald's when we were finished our hike!!!
No photos are available to protect the innocent and the not so innocent."
As predicted by the hike leader at the circle, we were back to our cars at noon.  Just that it was noon in the  Central Time Zone not the  Eastern Time Zone..  "

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Joint paddle/hike on Sept 24th

from Emily
We will have our joint paddle/ hike with the Algoma Paddlers on Sept 24 to finish the paddling season.   All members of the Coureurs de Bois and Algoma Paddlers are welcome to join us for the Potluck at the end of the day, even if you have not paddled and hiked that day.

Here is how the day will look.

Where:  Meet  at Miners' Monument   along Hwy 108 in Elliot Lake
When:  9:30 am Saturday , Sept 24
What: Drive to Snowbirds Clubhouse to drop off Potluck goodies.  
 Drive to boat launch on Elliot Lake.
 Paddlers launch Voyageur Canoe or kayaks and head west on Elliot Lake  to western  end of the lake.
Leave boats at sandy area at  a   ski doo trail. 
 Hike to High Rocks overlooking Elliot Lake. 
 Enjoy  your  lunch.
Return to boats and paddle back to boat launch.
Drive to Clubhouse for Potluck Supper at 5: 00 pm.  

Details for Paddle/ Hike
We can use our own kayaks but Wally Van Dyke from the Algoma Paddlers will bring a Voyageur Canoe.   We  need  at least 12  people interested  in paddling the Voyageur Canoe.   If not, we will ALL  be in kayaks.    Advantages to being in the big canoe are that it is easier to carry gear and we all get to our destination  at the same time! 
People are certainly  welcome to paddle their own kayaks, if they choose.

Details for Potluck:
Each person attending the Potluck is asked to bring one of the following items;
a dessert OR
a tray of sandwiches 

The Coureurs de Bois  will provide  hot soup for the potluck.   
Make sure to bring your hiking boots or comfortable walking shoes for the hike to the High Rocks.  Make sure you pack a lunch for our hike .  Bring along the food for the  Potluck Supper. That will  be delivered to the Clubhouse before we begin our paddle/ hike.
If you are bringing your own kayak, bring your usual paddling gear.  If you are in the Voyageur Canoe life jackets and paddles are provided by Wally.

Please remember that all members of the Algoma Paddlers and the Coureurs de Bois are welcome to attend the Potluck Supper EVEN if they choose not to paddle and hike.
Please note the food items we ask you to bring for the Potluck

Please contact Emily or Wally before Sept 21 if you would like  to join us for the paddle/hike on that date OR if you would just like to join us for the Potluck at the Clubhouse.  Please let us know what you are going to bring for the Potluck. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Jack Rabbit Trails, Sept 10, 2016

Commentary by Phill & Emily photos by Emily

Despite a negative forecast, a few intrepid type hikers tackled the Jackrabbit Trail in search of a lookout to have lunch. We never did find one, but did check out Doug's bench and the erratic nearby. A fun hike, despite feeling like we climbed Mt. DuFour several times, and finding several raunchy looking mushrooms. Where's Chuck when you need his help identifying these things?

Strange things in the forest ... a real Brigadoon Day.  We saw all manner of mushrooms. Some of them may have had magical powers. There were some that had some hallucinatory effects on people observing them.  One looked like it was mooning us . Another looked like parts of  Kim Kardashian's anatomy.. Unusual reactions were observed  in some of our hikers.  We may even have seen a forest gnome.   We even saw an unusual "enchanted spider".  It attacked Goran's boot.  PHOTOS

Friday, September 09, 2016


Due to the high probability of thunderstorms over Manitoulin, Saturday's outing to the Cup and Saucer has been cancelled.  Mother Nature sends her apologies.
Weather permitting, Phill has kindly offered to lead a local hike on Saturday, meeting time and place as per usual (Sears parking lot, just before 10 am.)  
On Sunday, Jean-Guy and Rae are going to the Whitefish Falls area.  This hike outing is suitable for ALL levels of hikers.  Please meet in the Sears parking lot by 10 am on Sunday morning.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Sherriff Lake, Sept 5, 2016

Commentary and photos by Connie S.
Thank you to Ingrid for leading a hike on a holiday Monday. 10 of us including a new person (Pat) trying out hiked to Sherriff Lake, we saw lots of mushrooms and the run off from the lake was very dry. We had perfect weather and Phil is going to make us a bench so we can sit more comfortably for lunch next time.  PHOTOS

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Panel Mine Cliffs & Peninsula, Sept 3, 2016

Commentary by Phill, photos by Astrid
Ten of us hiked the steep trail from the Seniors Park to a lookout giving us great views of Quirke Lake and the country around. We traversed the rock via a not too well marked trail over to the Panel mine site and had lunch on the shore of one of the inlets from Quirke Lake.  PHOTOS

Banana Lake, August 30, 2016

Commentary by Phill
Six of us ignored the negative forecast and had a great hike on the complete Banana Lake trail. We had cars at the start and finish and went in from South Lake Road. Trail conditions were great and we had lunch at the old campground on Banana Lake.