Wednesday, May 04, 2016

*****Another Reminder*****

  1. We will be trail clearing in Mississagi PP on Friday, May 6.  Please meet in the parking lot at 10 am!
  2. Highway Clean up is next week, May 11.  Meet in the parking lot at 10 am.  Safety vests and the necessary equipment will be supplied.

*****To all Hiker Chicks*****

The Hiker Chicks' dinner will be held on May 20th. at the Fireside Inn.
Starting time 5pm.
Please call June to confirm 705 461 8722

Little White River hike May 2nd. 2016

Photos by Connie
Jean-Guy lead an enthusiastic group of 14 to the Little White River for a leisurely stroll through a reforested area. They had lunch overlooking the river and had to kill their first mozzie of the season.

*****Speaker for next PHFN Meeting May 12th.*****

Speaker for the next PENOKEAN HILLS FIELD NATURALIST'S Meeting at 7pm. Thursday,, 12th.
May at the Renaissance Centre. will be FRANCO MARRIOTTI, retired  Staff Scientist at Science North in Sudbury.

Mr. Marriotti is an avid naturalist who joined Science North in 1981 and has traveled extensively to many of the most remote areas of the World.
He was instrumental in evolving the Centre into the present day 4th. Generation Science Centre. He will be speaking and showing film on "The Science of Saving Species at Risk".

Please join us,  admission is free to all. Coffee and Cookies at intermission for $2

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

***** Reminders *****

  1. We will be trail clearing in Mississagi PP on Friday, May 6.  Please meet in the parking lot at 10 am!
  2. Highway Clean up is next week, May 11.  Meet in the parking lot at 10 am.  Safety vests and the necessary equipment will be supplied.

***** Saturday, May 7th hike *****

The Easy Hike on Saturday, May 7th will be an out of town road hike on Hwy 546 along the Little White River.  We will hike approximately 8.5 kms.  This is going to be an "end to end" hike, rather than a loop, so we're going to need lots of cars!  We will all be driving to the end point, parking half the cars and driving all hikers to the start point just before the first Bailey bridge on 546.  Since this is an out of town hike (drive time to trail head approximately 45 minutes) we will be returning to town later than usual, sometime between 2 and 3 pm depending on the pace. See you on the trails.

Monday, May 02, 2016

*****Minutes from March 22 meeting*****


General Meeting March 22, 2016

Members present - 24
Astrid T opened the meeting at 7 pm, welcoming all
Minutes of Meeting of January 19, 2016 was approved by Phil B and seconded by Gerry R

Presidents Report
Jim, Ron and Astrid have been attending the Shared Use of Trail Meetings

The city is paying much more attention to our club than has been done in the past. Ron and Astrid met with Candace Martin Scott and Jocelyn Labreche a couple weeks ago

The city is looking into general liability for all trails

Our city stipend has not yet been received

The mines are happy that we now call in to let them be aware when and where we lead hikes on mine properties. Maps are being worked on by Ron T, Astrid T and Ian Ludgate for hiking. This information will then be submited to Jim M and distributed to our club members only.

Vice Presidents Report

George H commented on how well the Winterfest Snowshoe Hike went, we had 30 volunteers. Let him know of any feedback you may have on this activity.

Thanks went to Don R for helping clear the trail for the Winterfest Snowshoe Hike

Trail Master Report

Ron T has talked to Sarah Daigle about future trail clearing at Mississagi Park.
He spoke about the new STIHL chainsaw for our club for trail clearing.
The golf course markers for skiing will soon be in need of taking down .

Secretary- Treasurer Report
Donna reported all incoming and outgoing transactions and bank balance since the last meeting of January 19,  2016. 

We have received our new VTA pamphlets which will be replacing the old pamphlets. Membership forms are attached and part of this new pamphlet.
Donna thanked all for renewing their memberships, we have approximately 106 members last count.
Motion to approve the report by Shelley M and seconded by June T.

Old Business
Gerry R thanked all the volunteers who helped with the Fun Run for the Snowmobile Club.

Our Winterfest Snowshoe Hike was a huge success for the club. We had over 100 participants. Thanks to all our hardworking volunteers.

New Business
Spring highway cleanup will be May 11, 2016. Sign up sheets are available.

Mississagi Park Ambassadors are again needed at the park this summer which will operate from May 20, 2016 to September 5, 2016. Sign up sheets are available.

Our club will once again be involved with the Lumberjack Days in Mississagi Park, which will be the last weekend of July, dates to be announced. Sign up sheets are available.

Gerry J needs the names of hike leaders whose certification dates are due. They must be renewed every 5 years, so please check your certification date.

George H has arranged for our club to join with the Algoma Paddlers on Saturday May 28 for a hike/paddle day on Lake Duborne and also September 17 in Mississagi Park.

Gerry J spoke to us about ELORA ( Elliot Lake Organization for refugee Action) for one or two groups coming to Elliot Lake. Written information is available if interested.

Upcoming Events

April 12, 2016 - next Hike Leaders Meeting at 2:30 pm at clubhouse

May 17, 2016 - next General Meeting at 7 pm at clubhouse

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 pm by Shelley M and seconded by Jim M

Minutes of Meeting prepared by Donna Condon.

Coureurs de Bois Stats 2016

Volunteer Hours:

Winterfest: 73 hours

Trail Clearing 38.5

Total to date 131.5


Total Distance 2646 kms

Total Hours 1059 Hrs

19 – 40 yr old 48 kms

41 – 60 yr old 492.5 kms

61- 70 yr old 1227 kms

71+ yr old 878.5 kms

Hours We Spent on Mine Property 283.3 Hrs

Sunday, May 01, 2016

*****Monday, May 2nd hike*****

from Jean-Guy
Tomorrow's hike will be about 20 minutes beyond hwy 108. It is called the White River Leisure Loop and is on a flat road through a forested area parts of which  follow the river.

Hike to Victoria Falls and Mountain, Sat. 30th. April 2016

Commentary by phill, photos by Connie
A beautiful Spring day brought out 19 members for the 50 km drive to Victoria Falls and the Mountain. We visited the falls on Little Serpent River first and then proceeded to the larger falls on the Serpent River beyond the power plant. The water levels on both rivers and the falls are well below normal levels for spring run-off and we may have a dry season if we do not receive much needed rain.
We then tackled the mountain hike and were rewarded at the top with clear views all around while enjoying a well-earned lunch. PHOTOS

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

*****Sat. Apr. 30th Hike*****

from Phill
Saturday's hike will be to Victoria Falls and Victoria Mountain. Be prepared for a  steep climb, although fairly short. The trip is still worthwhile even if you do not want to tackle the mountain as the falls are spectacular.
Meet at 10am at Sears as usual.