Tuesday, August 16, 2022

WOODPECKER 2022 08 16

Dave led 12 other hikers out the woodpecker trail in 20 degree heat.. all shade all day... Camilla was sweep.. from the snow dump, we went out past the big burl and uuuup the hill to the trails... Julie spotted chagga as we wended... a few less experienced hikers did very well as we turned on the ATV trail towards Esten lake.. we passed Crystal lake and on to the steep hill down to the beach... three hikers doffed boots and paddled in the lake... 25 minutes of basking, chatting and eating we tackled the hills again and back down the trail, retracing our steps. Heber recovered his stick, Dave found the way back, all hikers returned and no injuries... what a day... 3 hours in all


ALGOMA MILLS 2022 08 15

 Jean Guy led the Monday hikers along the shores of Georgian Bay in and around Algoma Mills.  There were stops at the old railroad display and a lunch break at the shelter right on the shore.  There was lots of chatter and a number of picture takers to remember the adventure.


Sunday, August 14, 2022


 The hike for Monday will be led by Jean Guy but it will be at Algoma Mills so there will be a 35 minute drive to the trail head.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

BUSH WALK 2022 08 13

 Jean Guy led 9 avid saunterers up to Denison mine road and into the bush...  we were watched by eagle eyed cranes as we traversed an opening..  lots of elk tracks and scat, interspersed with what bears obviously do in the woods...  lots of blueberry bushes and no berries... a few birds and one chipmunk.  came to an outlook over Quirke lake,, for rest and snack, then back along the ridges and woods to the road and then back to the cars... 3+ hours  got hot by the end...


Thursday, August 11, 2022

ANGEL LAKE 202208 11

 Ten folks, led by Chuck, embarked on a new (to most of us) trail, beginning at the Calmet snow dump, following along the shoreline of Angel Lake.  Awesome day for hiking and a truly interesting trail.  Purple loosestrife dotted the beginning of the trail which was quickly pulled out by Chuck.  Large hemlock trees as well as lots of evidence of bonfires dotted the shoreline.  Footing was somewhat tricky in spots, but all in all a fairly easy hike.  Lively conversations touched on many topics, from lobster rolls to pontoon boats!   A few hikers made plans to revisit this trail at a later date to see how far we could go.  A wonderful day all around - as one hiker noted, no matter how you felt at the start of the hike, one cannot help but feel rejuvenated at the end of the hike.  Thanks to Tami for the pictures and Camilla for sweep duties.


TOM HILLS 2022 08 11

 6 hardy hikers headed hupwards from the ski hill, along the Horne lake trail, up to the Trans Canada trail and past the Jackrabbit and Bruno trails to the fire tower..  up hill all the way.. after a brief respite, we headed down the trail to Westnor lake, past the lungbuster, to the top of the bunny trail and back  down to our cars.. much less time in telling than doing... Tom set a good pace and Sue was sweep so a light jog ... 5.2 kms and 3 hours... nice breeze kept me sweet...


Tuesday, August 09, 2022

WESTVIEW 2022 08 09

 Dave led 18 (big group) of hikers from the Westview park, along the shore trail to Spruce beach and then on to Spine beach...  sunny pleasant weather, views of the lake and islands aplenty and wild flowers abounding..  We heard a red eyed vireo calling, lots of chatter, a few dog walkers and a biker to meet...  rest and snack at Spine and then back...  Bill kept the crowd moving as sweep and we only lost one hiker


Monday, August 08, 2022

SHERIFF LAKE 2022 08 08

Rain gear and rubber boots would have been great choices for today, but 6 hikers, armed with only umbrellas and desire to go out on the trail, went hiking in the rain to Sheriff Lake.  

Our hope was that the rain would subside quickly and we would enjoy a hike in the wet woods.  Mother nature had a different plan.  The rain did not let up.
Although thoroughly soaked, walking in the rain was a pleasant experience.  The colours of the woods, the rock, pine needles and flowers are enhanced, and the sound of the rain on the leaves (and umbrellas) is soothing.  
Chuck spotted various edible mushrooms, including a chanterelle.  The nest on the rock face by the creek is still visible, although probably not actually in use.  It was determined that a nest has been in that rock cleft for the last 25 years. 
Although we turned back just short of our goal, the conversations were lively, and the laughter was frequent.  Getting soaked was a small discomfort compared to the enjoyment of being out on a trail with good company.

Saturday, August 06, 2022

STONE RIDGE 2022 08 06

 Jean Guy took us through the bush, up the hill, down the hill to the brushed over trail and across a meadow full of strawberry plants. Finally coming out to stone ridge to appreciate the view of golfers lying to each other on the course. Tons of uphill, downhill and then back up again. Hot work today but the rest, view and breeze at the ridge lookout was well worth it. 6+ km is my guess.. 27 degrees..


Thursday, August 04, 2022

JEAN-GUY 2022 08 04

No write up just yet