Friday, June 15, 2018

***** Trail Clearing *****

We will be clearing the Cobre Trail (lakeside, counterclockwise) on Wednesday, June 20.  Please meet in the Rona (old Sears) parking lot at 9:30 am.  Bring your own water, a snack, bug juice and gloves.  For more information call Marty at 261-3879 or Ron at 461-8722.

Esten Lake Loop, 2018-06-17

Commentary and photos by Emily
John, Shelley and I thought we would show Orville a new trail but it turns out Orville had been on the Esten Lake loop and parts of the trail between it and Slipper Lake during the winter. It was a simply gorgeous day for our 8 km hike.  Not many bugs and the caterpillars are on their last legs. We saw a pair of Canada Geese and 2 fluffy goslings on Esten Lake ,  a few turtles in different ponds  and many tadpoles in one puddle.  We saw a few signs of people, as well: plastics and coffee cups etc. We picked up what we could.  We took a few side trails along the way. Esten Lake seems to be warming. Next visit, a swim might be in order.  Great choice for a trail today, John. We thought he should be knighted at lunch. Shelley kept our group free of hitchhiking caterpillars. Orville did a great job as sweep. We were not sure what the patch of fluffy white flowers were. Cotton grass perhaps?  A photo is attached.  One snapping turtle in the photos is in a puddle. A trail showing her tail dragging and her claw tracks are visible in the mud. She might have been laying her eggs in the mud puddle. That is what one of our hikers suggested. That puddle was in the roadway.  It will dry up as the seasons move on and the eggs hatch. 
We moved away quickly to avoid disturbing her.  PHOTOS

Thursday, June 14, 2018

***** The Algoma Paddlers need our help *****

The Algoma Paddlers have a great opportunity to have a booth at Ribfest at Lauzon Beach this SaturdayJune 16 from 11 am to 5 pm. We need volunteers to come out to enjoy some good food and entertainment, visit with friends, look after a booth for the Algoma Paddlers from 11 am to 5 pm, and paddle in the Voyageur Canoe from 3-5pm. If we have enough people to share the workload, this will just be a fun event! If you can help with this, please contact Wally at 705.849.6429, or email him at Bring your bathing suit and towel, and plan on a fun time, with lots happening at this event! 

***** Bear Wise Presentation *****

We invite anyone interested in learning more about black bears to attend this free EDUCATIONAL SLIDE SHOW.

The presentation will look at many aspects of black bear behaviour, biology, current research, Elliot Lake Bear Wise Initiative & ways to avoid & react to a bear encounter.  Learn the etiquette for living in bear country.  Feel more comfortable about travelling in bear country with a new sense of awareness abouth the true nature of black bears.

When: Wednesday, June 20, 2018 @ 6:45 pm
Where: Pearson Civic Centre auditorium

Panel Mine Peninsula, 2018-06-11

Commentary and photos by Donna
Shirley and Diane took 10 hikers out to Panel Mine Penninsula.  We had absolutely NO encounters with bugs of any description today.  Everyone enjoyed seeing the geese and their babies enjoying their swim nearby.  Lots of bear scat seen along the hiking route.  Emily and Orval have "staked their claim" while the rest of us were enjoying the beautiful views.  A great hike with lots of chat and laughter.  PHOTOS

Saturday, June 09, 2018

VTA Crooked Creek/McGivern Lake

Commentary and photos by Astrid
Today's hike had something for everyone; forest trails, mud holes, a log crossing, a creek, a small waterfall, a beach, a lake, not too many hills, and bugs....lots and lots of bugs!  Well doused in "eau de deet", we set out on the VTA trail approximately 17 kms down Pipeline Rd (aka Gasline Rd, aka Boline Rd).  The wide open logging road soon gave way to a well maintained trapper's trail.  Spotted along the way were pregnant spiders, frogs, Mama and Baby moose tracks, and bugs.....lots and lots of bugs.  We went to the north side of Crooked Creek, explored the short trail alongside and then backtracked to McGivern Lake where we had lunch and Sirje had a swim.  Thanks for joining us!  PHOTOS

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

***** Thursday, June 7 Hike *****

Tomorrow’s hike has been updated to do more open terrain due to our caterpillar infestation. (At Jean-Guy’s suggestion) Will start at 108, go by the Stanleigh Mine Site, and end up near Trout Lake and finish at Milliken Mine Rd.  Sorry for any confusion, and it’s still an intermediate hike!  Jackie 416-560-7263

Spur Lake, 2018-06-05

Commentary and photos by Emily;
It was a cool day for a hike from Esten Dr. North to  Spur Lake.  Nine of us set out on our adventure.  Mosquitoes and caterpillars encouraged us to explore our fashion comfort zone. Many of us opted to wear our pant cuffs in our socks. We finished off that look with bug nets over our hats.  With the enchanting and intoxicating  aroma of Deep Woods Off or Muskol we were definitely runway material. We saw examples of the beauty of nature and the thoughtlessness of people.  We finished our break on the shores of  Spur Lake headed  back to the cars.  We learned a new word to apply to our ever expanding nature vocabulary.  Today's word was frass.  See you on the trails!!  PHOTOS

***** Tick Update *****

From Phill;
I had a call today from Denis, our speaker on ticks at our last meeting, with more news about repellents for preventing invasion of our bodies by ticks.  He was quite excited about new repellents that can be used on skin and clothing made by Sawyer chemicals. Rather than go into details on this message, I urge you to go to the Sawyer website and get more details:  There are several sites on that same page referring to the permethrin products.

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

***** Hiker Chicks Dinner *****

This month's Hiker Chicks dinner will be held on Friday, June 15th, 5 pm at Stone Ridge golf course.  Please call Angela at 848-3319 no later than Wednesday, June 13th if you would like to attend.