Sunday, December 17, 2017

***** Trail Clearing *****

Mark your calendar on December 20; needing volunteers to help with clearing the Helen’s Trail & collecting firewood for the cookout on December 23. As usual meet at the Sears parking lot @ 10AM Contact Phil Barnes at 705-848-8767 as he will be leading these outings. I wish you all a merry Xmas & a happy New Year.               Ron trail master. 

Milliken Mine Road, Saturday December 16, 2017

A cold, sunny day, -29 wind chill? Up for a hike? of course! 13 thought so and we took the trail on the north side of Milliken Mine Rd. from near the Sanctuary parking. This leads back to 108 and then near there into the bush and over to the green bridge on Horne Lake, which is now iced right over - not to be trusted yet!, and the blue trail back to the parking. Total 4km or so, warmer in the woods and pretty close to being totally snowshoe hiking. Oh yes, Nora had chocolate and bells on! Jingle, jingle.

Friday, December 15, 2017

***** Update - Saturday Hike, December 16th *****

The Saturday, 16th. Dec. hike will be in the bush and, as we are expecting another 10cm of snow today, bring your snow shoes.


Rye Lake, December 14, 2017

Six of us pulled our snowshoes out and hiked near Rye Lake up a trail known for blueberry picking in the summer. We stopped for lunch in the sun and enjoyed the view.  PHOTOS courtesy Desiree 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Helen's Trail, Tuesday December 12, 2017

Nine hikers braved the cold. Phil took us to Helen’s Trail off of Stanrock Rd. Some of us threw snowshoes on to pack the trail while others hiked behind. There were quite a few trees down and some trail clearing is being planned for the 20th before the cookout on the 23rd. I only got three pictures before the cold killed my phone.  
Desiree PHOTOS
Following a pretty good snowfall enabled a snowshoe hike on Helen`s Trail 12th. December. Eight of us headed out, some on foot some on snowshoes. What we did not expect was the havoc caused by the recent storms, rain and wind, on the condition of the trail. In some spots, at least 6 trees had been uprooted from the sodden soil and completely blocked the trail. We were able to bypass these areas and made it to the ridge where the 150 trail begins. Due to very strong winds and -18C we opted to return on Helen`s trail and took refuge in the deep woods at the fire pit for our snack.The trail will be cleared by the scheduled date for a cookout on December 23.  Phill

Monday, December 11, 2017

Dunlop Lake, Monday December 11, 2017

Many thanks to eleven die hard hikers who braved the cold to enjoy the beautiful Dunlop Lake view. The hike was short and sweet. A good way to acclimate for future winter hikes.Lovely people.  PICTURES

Larry's Trail, Saturday December 9, 2017

19 intrepid winter ready hikers joined us for our maiden adventure as hike leaders.  Special thanks to Grant – the only one with snowshoes – for packing the trail, then doubling back to herd us all together before rushing forward to pack down the next leg of the hike. A good time was had by all (we hope) and thanks to all who encouraged us both in body and in spirit on this our maiden hike.  CJ and Art

Sunday, December 03, 2017

***** Snow shoe rentals *****

With snow shoe season just around the corner, we have some snow shoes available for those who need them.  Please contact Gerry at 461-6304 for more information.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Trail clearing update

Although the day was gloomy & wet, this did not dim our the spirits as ten of us cleared the Snowshoe Trail. Now we wait for the temperatures & snow to fall so we can snowshoe this trail. We thank all those who came out today to assist with the clearing of this beautiful trail & as always our good company. Your Trail Masters Marty & Ron.  PHOTOS courtesy of Brad

*****Hike Leaders*****

The calendar has been updated through the end of March.  Please check phone numbers and dates to ensure they are correct.  Thanks!