Thursday, August 25, 2016

Paul Echle Trail, Aug 22, 2016

Commentary and photos by Donna
Chuck led 14 hikers up the bunny hill at the ski hill and connected onto the Paul Echle trail all the way to Westner Lake. An old sign in box was still on a tree with a paper with date of 2006 on it for signing.   We saw lots of arrowed signs for the mountain bikers who had been in part of this section on the past weekend.  Chuck was in his glory to find mushrooms on trees along the way.  PHOTOS

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Woodpecker Trail, Aug 20, 2016

Commentary and photos by Astrid
The ski hill and trails were off limits due to the bike races, so eight of us decided to give the Woodpecker Trail another try.  A beautiful day for a hike and discovering several old car wrecks, gorgeous mushrooms and enjoying lunch by Crystal Lake.  Thanks Phill!  PHOTOS

Friday, August 19, 2016

***** Chainsaw Training *****

We have a last minute opening for chainsaw training, Monday, Aug 22 and Tuesday, Aug 23, both days from 4-9 pm.  Monday will be at the Civic Centre, Tuesday's location is TBA.  If you are interested please call Astrid or Marty at 578-2095.  

***** Wilkie Lake hike postponed *****

From Phill;
I am postponing the planned hike to Wilkie Lake for Sat. 20th. Aug. due to a 70% chance of, not only rain, but also thunderstorms.  I will go to the Sears lot at 10 am and lead a local hike if weather permits.

Lake Superior Hiking, August 16, 2016

Commentary and photos by Donna 
Once again Jean-Guy led us on a spectacular hike in Lake Superior Provincial Park- this time from Barrett River south to Sinclair Cove- a total of 6 km accomplished in 5.5 hours.  Breathtaking view, very rugged terrain, many coves with rocky shores and camping spots for hikers or kayakers.  The inland trails consisted of going up up up and down down down on rocky inclines with moss covered crevices  along the trails, to meet back up with rocky shoreline.  Trails were well marked with what we think were new vivid blue markers.  PHOTOS

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Woodpecker Trail, August 16, 206

Commentary by Phill 
Four of us took a hike on Tuesday, 16th. July. Not too many, but expected as J-G was conducting his Superior hike. We decided on the woodpecker trail on the road behind All Nations. Conditions were good for a hike, even though the forecast was showing rain and possible t/showers. 

The trail turned out to be, not only in rough shape, but barely marked and very overgrown and covered in blow-downs. At one point we knew we were not on the correct trail, but used a compass to ensure the right direction and made our way to the Slipper Lake end without any problems!

Slipper Lake, August 11, 2016

Commentary and photos by Gayle
Thank You to the six hikers for coming out on such a hot day. Due to the company of friends, canopy of trees, and occasional breeze; it was an enjoyable hike to Slipper lake.  PHOTOS

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Spine to Spruce and back, August 8, 2016

Commentary by Ron T, photos by Donna C.
Although the temperature was quite hot twelve hikers plus returning visitors Randal & his dog Apricot  joined us today for a leisure hike. The forest canopy on the trail between Spine beach & Spruce beach provided welcome relief from the hot sun. We stopped for lunch at Spruce beach under the shade of maple trees before returning to Spine beach. Along the trail Chuck found a large mushroom growing on the truck of a Maple tree; he was like a kid in a candy store. As always the company was good & June and myself (Ron) thank you for coming out today.  PHOTOS

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Sandy Point, August 6, 2016

Commentary and photos by Astrid
Cooler temperatures were a welcome relief from the heat and humidity of the past few weeks.  Seven of us took advantage of the respite and headed to Sandy Point along the Spine Beach trail today.  A clean up was in order once we arrived (well done us!!), followed by lunch and a swim. Sandy Point appears to be overrun with ants this summer, and most of us got a bite or two (OUCH!!).  PHOTOS

Friday, August 05, 2016

***** Saturday, August 6 Hike *****

Tomorrow's hike will be to Sandy Point on Elliot Lake.  There will be time for swimming so bring your bathing suit!