Coureurs de Bois Constitution and Bylaws




  November, 2022





        A.    The name of the organization shall be Coureurs de Bois Outdoor Club.

        B.    The organization may, by vote of the Membership body, change its name.



        A.    To lead interesting, appropriately challenging hikes.

        B.    To train, protect and support hike leaders,

        C.    To safely maintain and build good trails.

        D.    To provide our membership with healthy outdoor activity.






        1.    Membership

               A.  Any person interested in the Coureurs de Bois Outdoor club and its activities shall

                     be eligible for membership upon payment of dues, and agrees to adhere to our rules  

                     and regulations, and the Code of Conduct.

               B.  Membership entitles the individual to attend our bi-monthly General Meetings, the  

                     Annual General Meeting, to join hikes and any other club sponsored events. 


        2.    Membership Fees

               A.  Dues shall be set annually by the Executive and shall be payable in September of

                     each year.  The membership year shall be from September 1st to August 31st.

               B.  Members who join after September shall be charged a membership fee at a

                     pro-rated amount from the time they join until the following September.

               C.  Interested members of the public are entitled to five (5) free hikes.  After which

                     they will be required to become members to continue with the Club activities.




         1.    Composition

                 The Executive Committee is comprised of the Officers of the Club:

·       President

·       Vice-President

·       Recording Secretary

·       Treasurer/Membership

·       Trail Master(s)

          2.   Role

                The business of the Coureurs de Bois Outdoor Club shall be managed by the Executive

                Committee.  Working on behalf of the Membership, the Executive Committee

                considers current issues and activities and makes recommendations, as necessary, for

                consideration by the Membership.


          3.   Term

                A.   The term of an officer is two (2) years.

                B.   An Officer may serve two (2) consecutive terms in the same position.  

                C.   An Executive Officer may stay on beyond the second two (2) year term with the

                       approval of the Membership.


           4.   Meetings

                 The Executive Committee shall meet as often as is required to administer the affairs of

                 the Club.  There will be a meeting of the Executive Committee prior to the first

                 meeting of the Club in September to determine priority of submitted items for

                 discussion at the General Meeting.


          5.   Limits of Liability

                No member of the Executive or Officer of the Club shall be liable for the acts,

                receipts, neglects or defaults of any other member of the Executive unless the same

                are occasioned by the member of the Executive’s own willful neglect or default.





           A.   In a year in which a new slate of Executive Officers is to be elected, the President will

                   ask for nominations from the Membership.

           B.   At the Annual General Meeting in November, the President will present the

                  Candidates who were nominated by the Membership.  A Member present will

                  officially nominate the Candidate for a specific Executive position, seconded by a

                  Member and voted on by a show of hands by the Membership.

           C.   In a case where more than one candidate has been nominated for any one position, the

                  Executive shall organize an election by secret ballot for that position.

           D.   The term of the office of the new Executive Officers shall commence on January 1st

                  and shall expire after a period of two (2) years after the election or confirmation.




           A.  When a decision is to be made by the Membership voting, the outcome shall be

                 determined by a show of hands.  If a decision has been made, but a member requests

                 that the issue be re-visited, 25% of the membership must agree to reopen the


           B.   The Executive has the prerogative to have a decision by secret ballot if the situation

                 warrants it.  

           C.   In the case of a tie, the President shall cast the deciding vote.

           D.   As Club members, the Executive shall be allowed to cast personal votes in 

                  the General Membership voting.

           E.   The requirement of passage of any resolution at an Executive Meeting shall be four

                  (4) of the Executive members.

           F.   The requirement of passage of any resolution at General Meetings shall be 50% plus 1    

                  of those present at the meeting.

           G.   The requirement of passage of any resolution at a Annual General Meeting shall be

                  50% plus 1 of those present.

           H.   Proxy vote will be allowed for the Annual General Meeting or any special meeting

                  deemed necessary.

            I.   The Quorum will be those who attend the General Meeting.




           A.   Regular General meetings shall be held 5 times a year – September, November,

                  January, March, and May.

           B.   The November meeting shall be deemed to be the Annual General Meeting.

           C.   Other meeting for the purpose of education, exchange of idea an sharing of

                  information may be held as often as the membership desires with the approval of the


           D.   The Executive shall have the power to call, at any time, a special general meeting of

                  the members of the Club.

        E.   In a year in which a new slate of Executive officers are appointed, a joint meeting of

                  the outgoing and incoming Executive officers shall be held after the Annual General

                  Meeting, and before January 1st.  Executive Officers are identified as the President,

                  Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer/Membership and Trail Master(s)

           F.    Communications to members shall be conducted by e-mail or the Coureurs de Bois

                   Blog.  For the purpose of such communications, the e-mail address of the member

                   shall be the last address noted in the records of the club.  It is incumbent on the

                   member to update their contact information.

           G.   A notice of motion of any proposal that is likely to have a significant impact on the

                  current operations of the Club shall be submitted to the Secretary or President at least

                  14 calendar days prior to any scheduled bi-monthly meetings in order that the details

                  of the proposal may be included in the meeting agenda.

           H.   A special General Meeting must be called within 14 calendar days if a written 

                  request for such meeting is submitted to the Secretary or President by not less than

                  20% of the voting members of the Club.

            I.   Notice shall be provided to each Club member of any annual or special General

                  Meeting at least 7 calendar days before the time fixed for holding such meeting.

            J.   A proposed meeting agenda shall be provided to each Club member for any annual

                  or special General Meeting at least 7 calendar days before the time fixed for holding

                  such a meeting.




            A.   General Meetings

                   The order of business at each General meeting shall be a follows:

·       Approval of the Agenda

·       Opening remarks by the President

·       Approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting

·       Old Business

·       Treasurer/Membership reports

·       New Business

·       Adjournment


             B.   Annual General Meeting

                     The order of business at the Annual General Meeting shall be as follows:

·       Approval of the Agenda

·       Opening remarks by the President

·       Approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting

·       Old business

·       Treasurer/Membership report

·       New Business

·       Election of Officers

·       Adjournment




              A.   The President, Vice-President and Treasurer shall be the signing officers of the

                     Club.  All cheques require two (2) signatures.

              B.   Proposed expenditures of over $500 will require the approval of the Membership.

              C.   In the event of the dissolution of the Club, all remaining funds shall be distributed to

                     a charity or charities to be chosen by the members.  No Member may benefit

                     personally from any remaining funds.

                     Equipment will be sold to the highest bidder via sealed bids.


BY-LAW #8 - DUTIES          


               A.   President                

·       Shall convene a meeting of the Executive prior to the first one in September.

·       Provide leadership to achieve the Club’s objectives and aims

·       Prepare agendas for, and chair General Meetings

·       Convene, prepare agendas for and chair meetings of the Executive Committee

·       Act as a signing officer for the bank account of the Club

·       Convene and chair the hike leader meetings as required

·       Sit on the Shared Use Trails Committee.  This is a City of Elliot Lake committee that usually meets bi-monthly, consisting of members of the following groups: CdeB, Penokeans, EL Cross Country Ski Club, EL ATV club, Algoma Public Health, Denison Environmental, City of Elliot Lake, and

various resources

·       Monitor the blog and e-mail

·       Schedule twice yearly highway cleanup, usually in the spring and September to


·       Ask for volunteers to organize the Christmas party.  The venue is usually booked a year in advance

·       Promote good communication between the Executive and Members

·       Deal with issues that may arise, such as hike leader related issues, incidents on the trail, etc.


                B.   Vice-President

·       In the event of the absence or inability of the President to exercise his/her office, become the Acting President of the Club with all the right, privileges, and powers as if he/she had been duly elected President

·       Attend General Meetings

·       Act as a signing officer for the bank account of the Club

·       Organize the Christmas cook-out

·       Assist President as required


                 C.   Secretary

·       Take minutes of the General Meetings and Annual General Meeting

·       Take minute of Executive meetings

·       Maintain a Minute Book for the Club

·       Keep copies of correspondence received and sent by the Club

·       Arrange to book the Snowmobile Club House for General meetings, the Annual General meeting and Hike Leader meetings.  Meetings are generally held on the 3rd Tuesday of the months of September, November, January, March, and May.  The number for the Snowmobile Club is 705-848-4620.

·       Post Minutes from previous minutes to the blog about one (1) week prior to the next meeting in order for people to read them before the meeting.  Do not post the Financial Report.


                  D.   Treasurer/Membership

·       Act as a signing officer for the bank account of the Club

·       Issue cheques and make bank deposits on behalf of the Club

·       Maintain accurate records of all financial transactions made by the Club

·       Report to the Members and the Executive on the financial position of the Club at each General Meeting and at such other times as requested by the Executive

·       Collect Membership dues

·       Determine the amount of the dues payable for any valid member at any given time

·       Maintain an up to date and accurate membership list


                  E.   Trail Master(s)

·        Determine areas that need to be maintained

·       Maintain trail clearing equipment

·       Maintain inventory of trail clearing equipment

·       Maintain trail markings/signage

·       Co-ordinate with Executive to determine when to schedule/complete trail


·       Priority shall be given to City hiking trails


                  F.  Coureurs de Bois Outdoor Club Blogger

·       Maintain the scheduling of hikes on the Calendar section

·       Post information about hikes or other communications on the blog

·       Post photos of the hike as received

·       Post hike destinations and descriptions of planned hikes.  The hike leader is to send this information to the Blogger 24-48 hours in advance of the planned hike.


                 G.  Hike Leaders

·       Be certified with Hike Ontario

·       Take CPR training when offered by the Club

·       Lead hikes on Mondays (leisure), Tuesdays (easy), Thursday mornings (intermediate), Thursday afternoon seniors (easy), Saturdays (easy)

·       Consult with the list of trails that will provide details of hike ratings such as distance, terrain, and elevation gain to assist in choosing an appropriate hike

·       Have hikers sign the Assumption of Risk and Waiver Agreement for


·       Fill out the information on the back of the sheet and submit the completed form

·       Perform safety checks of the participating hikers at the meeting place

·       Be responsible for the safety of the hiking participants in their group

·       Inform participating hikers that the planned hike must be finished and is deemed as “finished” when all participants have returned to the cars, unless extenuating circumstances or prior arrangements have been made with the hike leader.  If hikers choose to continue with a further hike, it is no longer a sanctioned hike with the Coureurs de Bois and the hike leader is no longer responsible for their safety.

·       Attend Hike Leader meetings

·       Hike leaders are required to send their chosen hike for a particular day to the blogger no less than 24-48 hours before the hike date.




                   A.  Inventory

·       A list of all the Club’s equipment will be included with this document

·       An inventory of the Club’s equipment will be completed once a year by the Trail Master(s).

·       Snowshoes are only to be loaned out on a short term basis of two (2) weeks, or based on extenuating circumstances to be determined by the Trail Master(s).

·       Snowshoes will be inspected at the time of the loan period and must be returned in the same state, or repaired at the borrower’s expense.  This is to be understood at the time of signing out the snowshoes.


                     B.  Hiking Trails

                           Level 1 Leisure/Senior

·       Well defined trails/roads, gentle inclines.

·       Appropriate well fitting footwear required.

·       Beginner/senior friendly

·       Less than 5 km or a set time limit

                           Level 2 Easy

·       Generally on trail

·       May be hilly, with light bushwhacking, some rough spots or obstacles

·       Appropriate well fitting footwear required.

·       Between 5 and 8 km

                           Level 3 Intermediate

·       Moderate terrain

·       One or more of bushwhacking, steep sections, long climbs and descents,

beaver dams or other obstacles, rock scrambling

·       Appropriate well fitting footwear required. 

·       Experience and a high level of fitness essential

·       Greater than 8 km

·       Special, more challenging hikes will be posted on the Blog at least one

week prior to the hike




                   A.   This Constitution and By-Laws may be altered, amended and repealed and a new

                          Constitution and By-Laws be adopted at the Annual General Meeting of the


                   B.   Notification of proposed changes must be given to the Members at least one

                          month in advance of the Annual General Meeting at which the proposed changes

                          will be voted upon.

                   C.   Members unable to attend the Annual General Meeting may vote by Proxy.

                   D.   The requirement of passage of any resolution at the Annual General Meeting

                          shall be by quorum, with quorum defined as those members who attend the


                   E.   The By-Laws will be reviewed at least once every four (4) years.