Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Tuesday March 05, 2024

 Todays hike has been cancelled due to weather and trail conditions.

MONDAY'S HIKE 2024 03 04



Saturday, March 02, 2024

Friday, March 01, 2024


 Wine orders were due in yesterday.  If you have not submitted your orders to Sue yet, please do so today.

Thursday, February 29, 2024

WOLF RUN 2024 02 29

 Seven committed winter hikers gathered at the meeting place and, ignoring the cold wind, agreed to join the leader in an exploration of a side trail on Wolf Run.  The trail was very solid and snowshoes were not needed so we happily strolled along the established snowmachine trail to our side trail which had only ATV ruts to follow - no problem, although not quite as solid, it still supported us without snowshoes!  The side trail led us up to a stinky marsh area but in short order we were across the dam and out of range of the smell.  The trail provided a lovely 'forest bathing' experience past some wet areas, through mixed forest and then predominantly coniferous trees, and along another marshy area that was trying to be a lake.  The trail began petering out and finally ended at the far end of the lake.  The leader noted the fact that the main Wolf Run trail had to be on the other side of the lake and, in true adventure mode, Kevin broke out his Gaia and determined that we were, indeed, a mere 200m north of that trail.  He and Tim encouraged the group to give it a try and we were off! Even without a trail to follow, we managed to stay on top of the crusty snow... apart from only a couple of minor break-throughs. The adventure included crossing below a dam and then a couple of open water creeks but in short order, we were back on the main trail and so invigorated by it all that everyone's toes were now warm!   We decided to head back to enjoy a  break in the sunshine beside the sound of the waterfalls near the beginning of the hike.  It was not a long or arduous hike but the impromptu bushwacking provided a bit of excitement... and there is promise of more adventure along this trail!  Another wonderful day in the woods!


Today's Seniors hike CANCELLED

 Today's afternoon Seniors Hike is cancelled due to icy conditions.  See you Monday! 

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

HELENS TRAIL 2024 02 27

 What was forecasted to be a foggy and raining morning turned out to be a sunny, warm gorgeous winter day!  13 hikers set out on Helen’s Trail, and very soon layers were coming off as we tackled the hills and breaking trail. Our new Trail Master Keith came prepared with the right tools and some trail clearing was accomplished - good job!  We all agreed that this 5 km hike felt more like 10 kms due to the snow conditions.  Our snowshoes, and even our poles felt heavy at times, so we were happy for our break at Northspan Lake, soaking up the sun and enjoying a well deserved rest. With a nice trail patted down for the return trip, we were all pleasantly surprised at how quickly we made it back to the cars…happy with the hike, but tired.


 Today was my inaugural hike as a leader and it was awesome.  Thankfully Emily was there to help with the nerves.  We hiked up Milliken Mine Road to the field and walked the trail into the sanctuary.  Under beautiful blue skies and warmish temperatures, was a good day to be out.  Lots of chitchat - everyone enjoyed themselves for the 4.1 km hike!  Big thanks to Emily for her guidance.  After the hike five went to MCDS for more laughter!


Monday, February 26, 2024


 CONGRATULATIONS goes out to our new Hike Leaders, Jane, Keith & Rodd and to our new Hike Leader Trainer, David.  Well done everyone!

Saturday, February 24, 2024