Saturday, September 18, 2021

SAMREID LAKE 2021 09 18

 Fourteen happy hikers including two first time hikers to our club, hiked the trail to Samreid lake. On the way to the lake we detoured to see the hard work the beavers have done in constructing a most amazing dam.  We lunched at the lake and then walked to a viewing area where we got to see beautiful “Old Baldy” in the distance. It was a stellar day for the hike, warm sun and just cool enough to make it enjoyable and even better…no bugs!   The only way it could have been better would have been to spot from a distance some kind, any kind of wildlife….is there any out there?


Thursday, September 16, 2021


 Seven intrepid hikers headed out to hike around the Semi White lake, counterclockwise to deal with rugged, challenging sections while still fresh.  The hike and conversations were lively and spirited.  While enjoying one of the amazing views at a break, a bald eagle flew over to say hey but didn’t stay long enough to get a picture of it in flight.  This hike is a combination of rocky parts, silent bush trails and endless up and downs. It is a favorite of mine and should be enjoyed every year. It is 11.5 km and we hiked it in five and a half hours with two major food breaks and some water breaks.  We all arrived at the park, safe and sound, having had a marvelous time.


Monday, September 13, 2021

BEACH TO BEACH 2021 09 13

Fifteen hikers followed Dave to Spine beach and we took the forest trail to Spruce beach.. nice monday hike.. lots of big downed trees to see as well as the usual great views of the lake.. couple of people back after a year off for covid.. a visitor from Newfoundland joined us...  all had a good time...  I heard singing...  the goosly hundred were at spruce... simply fowl... perfect weather ...

Sunday, September 12, 2021


 Just a reminder that Sue will be leading the hike on Thursday 16th.   The hike will be over the Semi-white trail at Mississaugi Park.   The plan is to meet at the park entrance at 9am instead of the usual meeting spot. 

Come on out for a challenging hike.

Presidents letter to VTA

 1 We have had 8 new members join since the start of the year.

2 The trail from Spanish to Kings Lake road is not usable.. niether snowmobile nor ATV clubs will risk their machines on it.. our long distance hiker tried to hike it and had to turn back due to beaver floods and large brush falls.. therefore we have decided to close that section and are trying to find a way from Highway 17 and 108 junction to King Lake road.

3 Our trail section now starts at King Lake road and Hwy 108, near the airport.. 

4 We have finished clearing and re-signing the trail from there to Pipeline road. However after we finished that and patted our trail clearers on the back, we had a big (BIG) wind and some may need new attention.. Some was cleared again and I inspected more and it was okay. Not all 41 km has been checked in the past two weeks.

5 The Red Brifet section is cleared and re-signed and has a new picnic table at the Elliot/Quimby lake lookout.

6 We have resumed 4 a week hikes but some certified leaders are hesitating to lead until we have officially restarted certified hikes..

7 Gerry Jean is a provincial certified trainer and he is planning a course this fall. He is able to train trainers as well, and plans to do that before the course so the new trainer can help run the course and get the required experience.

8 Our AGM is coming up at year end and some executive spots will need to be filled. 

Saturday, September 11, 2021


 Jean-Guy led on a hike around the Helenbar trail. We went backwards around the trail which gives a different perspective and the added bonus of finishing up right at the vehicles. We took the trail over to Helenbar Lake to have a look around. As always, it was an excellent hike.


SPUR LAKE 2021 09 11

 Today 10 of us walked a snowmobile trail from the Esten Lake Boat launch to a little lake called Spur Lake. It was a short hike of around 4km with slight hills. Beautiful morning and fun was had by all.


Friday, September 10, 2021


  A club wide meeting is set at the clubhouse for Sept 21 at 6:30 pm.  The meeting will begin shortly after we have gobbled down the FREE PIZZA.  Come on out to the meeting we have all been waiting for during these last two years.

We have lots to get done !

Wednesday, September 08, 2021


 Due to slippery and muddy conditions, it would not be prudent to hike JimChrist at this time.

Jean-Guy is going to lead tomorrows hike.

Meet at the Scotia Bank as per usual.

RYAN LAKE 2021 09 07

 Six daring hikers took the city trail just east of Ryan lake up to Rainbow ridge.. mist at the start, sprinkles of rain going up and full fledged rain at the top...  we came down the VTA trail, avoiding the more slippery rocks and arriving back at Ryan lake...  we did not stop for snack as the granola bars would have turned to muesli...  I wasn't sure if the happy faces at the parking lot were due to the good hike or relief to be somewhere dry again... David