Thursday, December 01, 2022

CROTCH LAKE 2022 12 01

 A group of 10 set off to hike from Stanrock Road to the distant shores of Crotch Lake. The trail followed an ATV road and was mostly flat. Normally this would be easy hiking, but there were ice patches covered with a thin coating of snow – enough to hide the ice from view but not enough to provide any traction! We stepped gingerly, keeping to the sides of the road, and somehow managed to stay upright.


We turned right at the mining road and followed it north, enjoying fine views of Crotch Lake along the way. The road was in excellent condition and looked like it had been recently upgraded. We stopped for a snack break by the dam at the north end of the lake. We lingered there for a while, enjoying the sunshine while trying to shelter from the wind, and returned by the same route.


The day was bright and springlike, a welcome respite from the November gloom. Everyone was cheerful and enjoyed the hike. Good weather, good company, great scenery – what’s not to love!


Tuesday, November 29, 2022


 David led a group of 9 on a mild cloudy day from the Washington snow dump out to the bear bait trail.. we traversed the slippery road for a couple hundred yards and took to the bush. We climbed up the Belingham Bush trails to the top, overlooking Slipper Lake.. After reaching the junction tree we chose from 4 options and headed down hill to the teeter rock.. still down hill to the ATV trail and back to the start of the Bear bait. There was a skiff of new snow when we started but by return it had melted.. Back to the road and so back to the cars.. not a long hike but with the hills, long enough.. 4 for coffee afterwards


Monday, November 28, 2022


 We were 17 hikers this sunny, icy morning. Three veteran hikers were welcomed back after a long absence from our hikes.

Our trail began at the Esten Drive North entrance to the Porridge Lake Trail. 

We checked out the snowdump and saw where there are good places to scavenge discarded garden periennials. 

The chickadees, nuthatches and squirrels welcomed us and were quite pleased to accept peanuts that we placed on rocks along the trail. Not sure if any bird took sunflower seeds  or peanuts directly from anyone's hand. 

Our group stopped briefly at the picnic table on the Porridge Lake Trail.  There is a campfire circle that has been used . A frying pan and a pair of tongs were proof.

On our return no one seemed too impressed with seeing the Elliot Lake version of Stonehenge!  Go figure!

In any case we enjoyed the outing and each other's company.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

HIDDEN. LAKES 2022 11 26

 A beautiful fall day for a hike, so 11 hikers headed out towards Sheriff Lake, and then turning into the bush onto the trail to the “hidden lakes”.  Up and down hills, some steeper sections, and melting snow made the trail a little trickier to hike, but we managed to get to the rocky lookout overlooking the small, but very pretty lake. 3 hikers stayed here to relax, and apparently had fun throwing rocks from the lookout cliff into the water.

The rest of us continued to the end of the lake where we had our snack break while sitting on the rocks, basking in the warm sunshine, and enjoying the conversation.
After meeting up again with the other 3, we manoeuvred the sometimes slippery trail back to the cars.  A good day to be outside!

Friday, November 25, 2022


 Just in from walking in the Santa parade.. about 25 hikers joined in with various amounts of flash to hurl candies at the kids in the crowd... for a "retirement" town there were a LOT of kids out. good time, big tree lit up at the end.. three/five deep all along the route.. happy bunch out having a good time... after years of Covid control we were happy to socialize again..

Thanks to all who helped..


Thursday, November 24, 2022

JACK RABBIT 2022 11 24

 A misty , mysterious morning  greeted us in the Scotia Bank parking lot. Our seven hikers drove to the end of Milliken Mine Rd. Our goal was to hike the Jack Rabbit Trail.

Sometimes we had 30 meters or less on our drive along Hwy 108. That did not deter us! We decided to go without  snowshoes as the snow was melting fast.

The going was slippery, wet and  icy. We were careful going up and down hills as there were numerous exposed rocks and roots.

We checked out a side trail that led to the junction with the  Firetower Lookout and the trail to Bruno's Trail.  

Many of the hills had signs advising that only expert or advanced skiers should use them..for good reason!

Lunch was at the picnic table near the erratic.

We returned to Firetower Rd by way of the blue trail that crosses the transmission line.

We saw numerous deer tracks, startled a grouse and saw  2  downy woodpeckers.

A good day.

SENIORS HIKE 2022 11 24

 An overcast day didn't dampen the enthusiasm of 9 of us as we walked Denison Mine Rd today. Lots of bluejays and chickadees to be seen at the bird feeder.  We finished the outing with a scenic stop at the rapids. Thanks Chuck for a very enjoyable outing.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

MELON LAKE 2022 11 22

 Today was one of those days when one was a little uncertain as to how to dress. Layers are always the order of the day in the winter, the question is how many layers. Some got it right and others had to remove a layer or two. Thirteen of us, some donned snowshoes , while others didn't, made our way down the snowy trail to Melon Lake.  There was talk of yesterday's adventures and guesses as to what animal made tracks in the snow. The tracks were dusted over so it was impossible to tell, but fun to guess. Overall it was a nice easy hike of around 6 km which for some who wore the snowshoes for the first time this season were grateful.


Monday, November 21, 2022

SHERIFF CREEK 2022 11 21

 Astrid and company made a group decision to cover the TBA today.  The choice was the red and yellow trails at the sanctuary.  We started out with 11 hikers but we picked up 2 more along the way.  The pace was good for the Monday "leisure" and Dave and Nickie who were at the front stopped regularly to ensure all were good.  The snow made the bush quite pretty and all loved the day.

Sunday, November 20, 2022


 Dave Nesbitt has booked us in the Elliot Lake annual Santa Clause Parade. Our plan is to dress as if we were hiking, eg: carrying our walking sticks, back packs, snowshoes etc. Wear something Christmas themed. Tim if you go in shorts you need to wrap your legs in garland 😅Details are below. We will meet at the Scotia bank at 5:30.