Thursday, February 22, 2024

CINDER LAKE 2024 02 22

 A Cinder Surprise

If one cares to consult a map, Cinder Lake is only 400m or so north of Hidden Lake.  This morning the "Magnificent Seven" hikers proved the geographical fact.  We began at the Hidden Lake parking area and proceeded to the beaver dam.  Someone with traditional snowshoes had broken the train some of the way.  After jumping the running water we proceeded at 45 deg. magnetic down the drainage and soon, behold, Cinder Lake.  On the way we had to descend No-Joke-Hill.  Some hikers choose to use their behinds instead of skis.  What a nice picturesque lake for a short break.  We returned to the main trail the same way having to climb up No-Joke-Hill on snowshoes, but we did it.  Lunch was on a nice hill overlooking Hidden Lake and some unsuccessful ice-fishing tracks days ago by the hike leader and friends.  We then proceeded in the sunshine along the trail to the road and walked back to the cars. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2024


 The CdeB's First Fundraiser ends February 29th.  LET'S MAKE IT A SUCCESS!!!


 An even dozen eager hikers set out to hike and break trail on a clear and lovely morning.  We talked about the tracks we saw in the snow. At the fork in the trail the leader decided to go right and explore the trail going down to a marsh we visited a couple of years ago. We all had a wonderful time, chatting easily and enjoying the fresh air and the camaraderie of like minded people.

Life is good.

Monday, February 19, 2024

Mystery Trail 2024-02-19

 A cool start to our family day hike.  Eleven enthusiastic members of our CdeB family snowshoed our way along a snowmachine trail (no trail breaking required), mindful of the other, motorized users of the trail.

A varied terrain kept everyone warm as we enjoyed the beautiful scenery still dusted with our recent snow.  No wildlife tracks were spotted, but some interesting trees noted, some with evidence of woodpecker activity.  The sun did make brief appearances, but the clouds were quick to get in the way of the warming rays.
A short break was enjoyed after clearing the deep snow off of the fallen trees, and then back to our cars.  A pleasant 4+km stroll with engaging company.  PHOTOS

Seniors Hikes 2024-02-19 & 16

Thursday's afternoon Seniors hike was postponed until Friday when 10 of us played in the snow on the aptly named "Snowshoe Trail".  Monday the 19th saw 14 hikers head out to the "Pine Trails" off Denison Road.  No outing is complete without coffee at McD's, where we ended up on Monday with 2 more hikers than we had on the trail 😅😅😅. Draw your own conclusions!  PHOTOS

Saturday, February 17, 2024


 Minus 25 C temperatures did not deter a small group of diehard hikers. 

The sunny, blue skies were an added bonus as we set off on westbound trails from Paris Avenue to trails that led us to the shore of Slipper Lake for lunch. 

We saw ice fishing huts and skidoos on the lake. One ice fisherman told us that perch were biting.

In honour of New York Fashion Week  2 of our hikers used the stiletto heel option on their snowshoes to ascend one particularly steep hill.  Their verdict was that the heel support would be very good on longer steep terrain.

People checked out a huge tree that had been a buffet for hungry pileated woodpeckers. Chickadees and ravens were about as we headed back to the cars. 
Wolf tracks followed the trail along the east shore of Slipper Lake. 

It was a relatively short snowshoe hike of almost 6 km but challenging enough with hilly terrain and some trail stomping. We each took turns breaking trail.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

GRANTS TRAIL 2024 02 15

 Eleven intrepid hikers who enjoy snowshoeing while snow gently fell came out to tackle Grants trail.  We employed the “ 50 steps and move off” system as we broke trail the entire journey.

It was magical and very, very special to be walking among the pines while the snow continued collecting on the boughs. It was a winter wonderland and not cold at all. We all agreed that it a perfect day to be out. We had a break at the Rye lake overlook and enjoyed the scenery.
I think we got home happy and content.

Thursday Seniors Hike POSTPONED

 Given today's weather, this afternoon's Seniors hike is being postponed until tomorrow, Friday, February 16th.  We can play in the snow then!  Snowshoes recommended. We'll be going to the "Snowshoe Trail".

Tuesday, February 13, 2024


 With grey skies above and a chill in the air, 11 hikers decided to follow the leader to the Paul Torrance Trail.  Snowshoes were recommended since the far reaches of the trail were an unknown regarding condition and/or previous traffic - turns out they came in handy!  As we made our way, the existing tracks petered out, the sun threatened to shine, and plenty of animal tracks peppered the trail - lots of moose, some deer, lots of rabbit, and what was possibly wolf!  We were well on our way to the intersection with Grant's Trail, satisfying the leader's need to verify the route, and the snowshoeing was a workout so we decided to take our lunch break in the middle of a small open area... and the sun broke out in its full glory in support of that decision.  Our return trek solidified the base for a future cross-country ski outing and all were satisfied that it was, indeed, a great day!!



  The Penokean Hills Field Naturalists invite any interested members of the  Coureurs de Bois Outdoors club to join us at the Renaissance Center at 2 Veteran’s Way on Tuesday February 13th at 7pm.

For a presentation on Animal Tracking by Jim Johnston.

 Become more aware of what you see when out and about on your hikes. Learn basics of animal tracks & sign & make your time outdoors more interesting.