Saturday, April 13, 2024


 13 hikers enjoyed a windy, kind of cold day when we started our hike, but the clouds cleared, the sun shone brightly and soon we were feeling the warmth. The exciting part of the hike was crossing the quickly running stream, but no one fell in or got soakers. The rain from the last two days defintely affected the trail and we had to navigate around lots of water and muddy sections, but we all survived.

The Gaia app said it was 6.79 km in total with only 39 metres of elevation gain…therefore, nothing too strenuous.

Monday Afternoon Hike April 15

Monday afternoon's hike will be Boom Camp Trails in Blind River.  NOTE CHANGE IN MEETING TIME!! 12:15 PM AT SCOTIA BANK.  Hope to see you there.  Fingers crossed for a sunny day.

Thursday, April 11, 2024


Rain?? What rain?? Nine Weather Network skeptics enjoyed a 5km hike along the same trail as the Thursday morning crew.  Leaving from the snowmobile staging area we followed the gravel road until just before the yellow gates where we spotted a side trail to the left and went exploring.  

We returned full of the wonder of nature and a black garbage bag full of the crap that people insist on dumping on it.   


ATV TRAIL FROM ESTON TO 108 2024 04 11

 Eleven hikers defied the reports of a midday rainfall and set out on a through hike. 

We drove to our trail's end at the Snobird Staging area north of the Airport and carpooled from there to our trail beginning point at Esten Lake Boat Launch.

We began our hike at 10 30 and finished at the Staging area at 1 10. 
The ATV trail we used was in good condition with muddy spots  and large puddles. There were sporadic moose and deer tracks amid the fresh 4 wheeler tracks.  Vintage wolf droppings ( mostly hair)  were also spotted. Grouse were heard drumming  several times. 

We heard Spring Peepers and Barking Toads as we walked by swampy areas near the Airport.

Our hike began and ended with sightings of majestic birds. A bald eagle was seen at Esten Boat Launch and Sandhill cranes were seen near the airport. 

There were  so many welcome  signs of Spring ! 

Thanks to Tim,  our sweep, and Rodd who scouted out the trail on Tuesday.

Our hike was about 7.25 km. A bit shorter than the 10 as had been  estimated because we did not explore  any side trails from the  main trail. 



The club has purchased a 10' x 10' tent canopy which will come in handy for our events.

The first erection of our event tent. This will help keep us with shade and protection from the rain in the summer, and a bit warmer in the winter.


Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Mine Property

Question from a hike leader:

 Please post direction from you regarding our going into Sheriff Lake property…which is off  Milliken mine road across from where sheriff creek trails are.  Some of us were sure you told us at last general meeting that sheriff lake area was a no-no for hiking into.  But I see that ----  did a hike there yesterday….can we have a definite yes or no for this area…I’m sure I’m the not the only one who wants.

The land around Sherriff  Lake is posted as Private Property. We have received a letter from BHP saying we are to stay off of Mine property, yet the guys at the local BHP office say it is ok to walk around Sherriff Lake as long as we stay off of the berms. Below is an excerpt from the annual BHP report released in March. It clearly states that the only hiking allowed on BHP property is on public trails such as Sherriff Creek, The Trans Canada Trail and The VTA trail.  The City of Elliot Lake and BHP is working on a Memorandum of Understanding that will allow us to hike certain parts of Sherriff Lake.

So what would happen if we get caught hiking around Sherriff Lake? Nothing would be my guess. There are people hiking there every day. Given the information that I have I would recommend that as a club we do not hold Coureurs de Bois sanctioned hikes on mine property until all the permissions are in place.

Our insurance has told me that if we get injured on private property without written permission to be there, we are not covered. So on the extreme end are we as hike leaders prepared to be sued by a hiker just to hike where we should not be. 

Sadly, there are many nice trails on mine property. Fortunately for us here in Elliot Lake, there are many nice trails.



Seven Hiker Chicks ventured out to Gilbertson's on St Jo's Island. Those pancakes were out if this world! We were explained the maple syrup making process, checked to see how many of us have shrunken with age lol, had a short hike around the premises , and stopped in at Forestland on our way home. A fun day was had by all.

Tuesday, April 09, 2024


 Ten eager hikers challenged the accuracy of the weather forecast and set out to pay a visit to McCarthy Falls.  The road was a welcome opportunity to walk and chat in groups and the swampy approach to the falls was nothing to fret about.  Our lunch with a view from below the falls was fabulous.  Kevin scouted out a new view of the falls in the name of capturing the moment in pictures - it will be worth checking out on our next visit. We do have to credit TWN with some level of accuracy as rain did spit at us briefly in the allotted time frame, it was definitely < 1 mm, and the sun did make an appearance occasionally on the return trek.  The proof of wildlife highlight of the hike were the truly massive moose tracks we saw on the road - check out the photo with my hiking pole beside it.  That section of the handle is 9" to the back of the dew claw marks (which I have never seen in a moose track before)!!  That's one big moose! 

Our lack of faith in TWN was renewed when slightly heavier, not forecasted,  rain hit us as we finished the adventure.  No real disappoint there, though ... however ..... 'birthday boy' is another story!  He stood up a few of us gathering for his celebratory coffee at McD's!  

Monday, April 08, 2024


 Big thanks to the volunteers at Collins Hall today for the community showcase event, lots of good conversations with folks and hopefully we will see some new members joining us on the hikes.


SHERRIFF LAKE 2024 04 08

 Shorter hike today along the lower trail of Sherriff Lake.  No sunshine so no eclipse-lol. Eight of us trekked along - looked for signs of life at the ravens (?) nest -nothing yet!  Water is really rolling along in the small creek - ice is gone from the beaver pond!  Lovely pussy willows dotted the edge of the creek.  Fun day!  Five for coffee at Tim’s for conversation and laughs.  Thanks Jen for sweeping!