Coureurs de Bois Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

Coureurs de Bois Outdoor Club

Every person participating in the activities of the Coureurs de Bois Outdoor Club strives to preserve the outdoors for the full enjoyment of others and agrees to:

  1. Behave in a manner as to not impair the safety, health or enjoyment of all participants.
  2. Welcome and include every person regardless of their age, gender or sexual orientation, race, culture or religion.
  3. Accept the leadership and directions of the leader.
  4. Carry out all litter, including apple cores, banana skins, orange peels and tissues.
  5. Protect Nature's beauty, flora and fauna from damage or destruction, and not contaminate any water supply.
  6. Take nothing except photographs; leave wildflowers and other plants for others to enjoy.
  7. Do not feed the wildlife since increasing a species food supply can disturb the balance of nature.
  8. Go off trail when nature calls, and keep at least 100 yards from streams and lakes to avoid contaminating water, and bury toilet paper and feces several inches deep, under a rock or carry it out with me.
  9. Avoid behavior which could sully the Club's reputation, such as speaking loudly in areas where others are quietly communing, ignoring requests to do so, inappropriate conduct, speech, etc.
  10. Bring no pets or animals of any kind.
  11. Do not participate in any outing which is beyond my physical capacity.
  12. Advise the leader of any health concerns that may not be readily evident.
  13. Take responsibility for any youth that may be joining me on the outing.
  14. Bring food, water, clothing and equipment which are appropriate for each outing and the anticipated climate.
  15. Any member of the Coureurs de Bois Outdoor Club who by their conduct violates this Code of Conduct may have their membership revoked by a majority vote of the Executive.
  16. The Coureurs de Bois Outdoor Club will only consider or act upon a complaint if the complainant identifies themselves, or the information in the complaint is corroborated by a named source.