Wednesday, April 20, 2016

*****Spring Bear Hunt Alert*****

from Maretta of the Penokeans
Just a reminder that the Spring Bear Hunt is from May 1 to June 15th this year and for 4 more years after that.​

I have spoken with the City By-Law and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests (MNRF) to get some idea of the hunting and fire arms regulations and where they apply. 

The information below is from the Conservation Officer for the MNRF, which is important to those of you who hike/walk/pet walk and monitor any kind of club boxes.  These are very informative and if you should be witness to any non-compliance to the attached Regs., please contact Dave Hamlin at 705-356-3012 or the Tip Line 1-877-847-7667.  Please remember that you have to give exact location sites.

As far as discharging firearms within City Limits the by-law 98-39 is 1.6km from any building/residence.  If you see any non-compliance to the City By-Law or baiting sites, please contact the OPP 705-848-6975 and the City By-Law Dept.

I haven't spoken with anyone at the mines, but have been informed that there is NO HUNTING, NO ATV'g and NO BAITING allowed anywhere on the MINE SITES.  If you see any non-compliance to the above please contact Dave Brown or Debbie Berthelot at Denison Environmental 705-848-9191

I am hoping that you will all wear bright clothing while your out there in the bush, as I'm sure you always have.  Just a reminderđŸ˜‡

The new provisions prohibit placing bait for the purpose of hunting bear within 200 metres of a “right of way for public vehicular traffic”.  This is an existing term used in section 17 of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1997.  This would include roads that are open for public vehicular use.  In some cases, this could include logging roads, if the public can use them.   There is no requirement for the right of way to be maintained, but this could be a factor in determining whether the area is in fact a right of way for public vehicular traffic.
The new provisions prohibit placing bait for the purpose of hunting bear within 200 metres of a recreational trail that is established and maintained by an organization for the general public and is reasonably signposted and marked as a trail.  This provision is scoped to include any signed/marked recreational trail that is maintained by an organization and open for public use, which may include public walking/hiking trails, established portages or community maintained trails. It would not include private trails or those trails that are not signposted/marked or maintained by an organization.
Bait must not be placed within 500 metres of a dwelling, unless written permission is obtained from the owner of the dwelling.   A dwelling is any building or structure that is used or intended to be used as a place for a person to live in; it would include seasonal dwellings (e.g. cottages, hunt camps, etc.), but not barns, garages or other out-buildings that a person does not live in.
The bear baiting regulations apply to both the spring and fall season in the same manner.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
David Hamlin
Conservation Officer