Thursday, May 19, 2016

*****Algoma Paddlers and Coureurs de Bois Joint Outing *****

The Algoma Paddlers will have a joint outing with the Coureurs de Bois on May 28, 2016. All members of both the Coureurs de Bois and Algoma Paddlers are welcome to join us for the Potluck at the end of the day, even if you have not paddled and/or hiked that day. Here is how the day will look: When: 9:30 am Saturday, May 28, 2016.
Where: Meet at Tim Hortons in Blind River.
What then: We'll drive to Kathy Ellis' to drop off Potluck goodies, then paddle to the Fire Tower hiking trail at the North East end of Lake Dubourne.
Those who don't bring boats can drive to the hiking trail. We'll enjoy our own packed lunch at the top. We'll then hike down and paddle (drive?) back to Kathy's for a Potluck Supper at 5:00 pm. If you can't hike/paddle and want to come just for the Potluck, you can join us then. Contact Emily via the CdB or Kathy at if you are attending.