Friday, September 30, 2016

Spine Beach/Red Briffett Trail, September 28th, 2016

commentary by Emily, Photos by Nickie and Jody
Threatening skies did not scare nine hikers today as they gathered for the  Thursday  hike.  We were joined by a new hiker today who brought his camera.
We started at Spine Rd Beach and walked  the lower part  of the ski trail  to the Red Briffett Lookout.   People were very pleased with the trail markers from the Spine Rd Ski Trail to the Red Briffett Lookout.  There had been  some curious bears in the area as evidenced by some teeth marks and claw marks on the Lookout signs.   
The view was amazing from the Lookout.  The sun was shining in a mostly blue sky by the time we stopped there  for lunch.   More leaves have changed colour since the Saturday  hike to the  High Rocks.    Those cliffs  directly across from us  looked spectacular .
After a relaxed lunch we headed back to the Spine Rd Ski Trail  and continued on our way to the cabin that overlooks Mink Lake.   Another photo opportunity from Mother Nature!   We kept hiking  past the  entrance to the Mink Lake Trail and checked out  the rocky shore of that lake.  No moose were in the vicinity. 
We went  down to the lower part of the Ski Trail at Loop 3 and continued on back to the parking lot.  Huge burls on yellow birches  and absolutely striking  examples of various mushrooms and fungi  were visible throughout the trail.   The trees provided a lovely canopy above much of the trail.  Sunlight  shining through the leaves  onto the trail  provided  some great  photos.
A good day for an 11 km hike with so much of nature's glory on display. PHOTOS