Thursday, September 22, 2016

*****Wanted: Hike Leaders*****

from Emily

We Need New Hike Leaders
If you have taken the Hike Leaders’ Certification Course and are wondering what it is like to lead a real hike… wonder no more!!!!
If you have been a bit shy of the responsibility of leading a hike this could be your opportunity to get your feet wet…
Veteran Hike leaders are interested in mentoring new hike leaders. The hike leader can take you along on the preparation for the hike. You can see what it takes to get ready for a hike. All current hike leaders welcome the chance to have new faces join their roster .
You will see that it does not have to be that complicated . In fact, the KISS Principle ( Keep It Simple, Sweetheart) is the best policy when getting ready for a hike.
Accompany the hike leader on that hike.  Look upon it as a ” walk along”. Similar to a civilian going on a police “ride along”, without the donuts!
It does not commit you to leading hikes by yourself. You can always rely on your mentor to help you out if you do decide to plan a hike.
Talk to the hike leader on your next hike if you are interested in this opportunity. You can also contact Emily at this number: