Friday, October 28, 2016

Pipeline Road to Mink Lake October 27th, 2016

commentary by Emily photos by Nickie
Thursday, Oct. 27 was cool and cloudy but it did not discourage eleven hikers from attempting a never before tried trail… ( at least to us) A true adventure to Mink Lake… from the south side!

We drove along the Pipeline Rd to the junction with the ATV/ skidoo trail heading to Elliot Lake Falls and east to Esten Lake. The falls were running well after the recent rains. People took advantage of the time to take some good photos. We continued east along that ATV/ skidoo trail for about one kilometre.

It was truly a team effort with one map and 11 sets of eyes searching for the illusive trail heading north off the Quimby Lake trail.  

Finally, 2 eagle eyed hikers at the head of the pack spied that trail. Using pink trail tape we marked our starting point. It was slightly less than one kilometre north to Mink Lake from that point. Our tenacity was rewarded with a walk through ankle deep leaves, knee deep mud puddles and then majestic hemlock closer to the lake shore. We were sheltered from the winds by the hills to the north and the tall evergreens as we enjoyed a leisurely lunch.

We made plans to try reaching that same point on Mink Lake from the Spine Rd Ski Trail before heading back to the cars on the Pipeline Rd.

Two hikers measured the total distance covered as being between 10 . 4 and 10 . 6 km. All we can say is time goes by fast when you are having fun!!

Thanks to all who participated in this adventure! Together we found that trail and even a lost mitten! What a team!!  PHOTOS