Friday, January 06, 2017

*****minutes from November 15th meeting*****


General Meeting November 15, 2016

Members present – 20

Astrid opening meeting at 7 pm

Minutes of previous meeting of September 20, 2016 accepted by Gerry R and seconded by Emily W

Presidents Report

The logo Hike Ontario is to be named on the sign up sheets and will be distributed when available

A thankyou to all who helped with the highway cleanup on October 26

Mississagi Park is now accessible after being closed due to a bear situation
It is still advised to call the city before going into the park for club hikes

Vice Presidents Report

George had nothing to report

Trail Masters Report

The following trails have been cleared: High Rocks trail, Banana Lake trail, Jackrabbit trail, part of the golf course trail, Rainbow Ridge trail.

Once again a reminder when going on mine property....Call one or two days ahead to get permission. Phone # 705-848-9191 Ext. 221

Secretary-Treasurer Report

Donna reported all incoming and outgoing transactions and bank balance since the last meeting of September 20, 2016

Membership stands at about 91

Motion to approve the report by Marty T and seconded by Gerry R, all in favor

Old Business

Gerry R will put the word out that our club trailer is for sale

Gerry J will be doing a Hike Leaders course in May if enough are available. This may include a First Nation group ( PALS)

Sheila H will again be organizing our Christmas party of December 8

New Business

A copy of The Memorandum of Understanding handed out was discussed on the floor. This will again be discussed at the January 2017 general meeting.

The Winterfest Snowshoe Hike will be the first weekend in March and sign up sheets for volunteers will be available at January 2017 general meeting. It will be organized by George H and Ron T

George H gave us an update of the status of the Algoma Paddlers at this time

Upcoming Events

December 8- annual Christmas party at Moose Centre

January 17, 2017 – General meeting a the clubhouse at 7 pm

February 21, 2017 – Hike leaders meeting at clubhouse at 2:30 pm

Guest Speaker

Janet Lowe from Denison Mines Environmental is new to town and wanted to attend our meeting to see first hand how we operate and introduce herself

Some tips that we may keep in mind when hiking on mine property is : do not hike when snowplowing is going on; do not park near yellow gates; no dogs

Motion to adjourn meeting at 8 pm was made by Marty T and seconded by Lori G

Minutes of Meeting prepared by Donna Condon