Wednesday, January 11, 2017

***** Notice from Denison Environmental *****

From Astrid;

We have received the following email from Denison Environmental;

We would like to arrange for the annual orientation of your members. Last year’s orientation expires on January 25th so if we can arrange a convenient time for the majority of your members to attend, that would be great. We are reasonably flexible with timing so let us know what would work best for you. It is especially important for hike leaders to attend, or those that tend to visit the mine site trails more frequently. We also have copies of our latest newsletter set aside for both the Coureurs de Bois and the Penokean Hills Field Naturalist groups. These can be picked up when you attend the orientation, or you can stop in and get them when you are in the area.

We can discuss suitable dates at the General Meeting next week, Tuesday the 17th. Since we're never going to have a date that works for everyone, we'll pick one or two that work for the majority.  Then I can finalize the arrangement with Denison.