Saturday, February 25, 2017

Panel Mine Road, February 23, 2017

Commentary and photos by Emily
Six Coureurs de Bois members defied the grey skies and went for a hike today. Due to the recent rains and mild weather it was decided to forgo the snowshoes. We went for a walk along Panel Mine Rd to the shores of Quirke Lake and beyond! 

A northeast wind tried to hide the blue sky behind grey clouds but a sunny day prevailed. We parked at the corner of Hwy 108 and Panel Mine Rd. Heading east we saw very few signs of critters other than a woodpecker, some chickadees and squirrels. A sharp eyed hiker also saw a tree stand that a hunter had left. It was a rickety platform up in a tree with an old lawn chair on it. Quirke Lake had water on top of the slush on top of the ice. The Serpent River at the bridge had open areas near the big culverts. 

We stopped for lunch just over 2 and a half kilometers east of that bridge. We met 2 other people who were out for a short walk before heading back to their home and some lunch. They told us about that while we sat on snowbanks eating our snacks. But, we were not bitter. 

With all the stimulating conversation we had over the 11.5 km hike, no one took photos!! The attached photos are several that were taken late Thursday afternoon. They give an idea of how the scenery was. The grouse ( partridge ) was sitting on the snowbank waiting for me to take its photo. It became impatient and decided to stomp off. There were some chickadees and squirrels around the feeders near the Serpent River bridge. Quirke Lake has a lot of water over the ice. Sunset over the Serpent River.  PHOTOS