Friday, March 17, 2017

Thursday March 14th, 2017

commentary by Emily photos by Piper
Beautiful azure skies greeted six adventurers who met for our TBA hike.  It was determined that our mission, should we decide to accept, was to go west of the Scott Rd along the EL ATV 2 Trail .   The trail had been groomed and was well used.

We noticed several well used trails going north off the ATV trail.  They had been made by many kids over that past 35  or so years  heading out from their back yards along the south part of town to seek adventure.  Something that we were also doing!

   We passed  a small lake to our south and it was only fitting that we call it Jake Lake .  Fitting because Jake was the only one who asked what was the name of that lake.

We proceeded past a few beaver ponds and saw a good sized beaver dam not 30 feet from the ATV trail. If it ever breaks  there would be quite the washout over that trail.  Saw many tracks but we were not sure what made them as people walk their dogs along this trail .   A few snowshoe hare and some squirrel and raven , for sure. 

We headed south and then split off from the EL ATV trail 2 and headed west and slightly south along a trail that meets up with the Esten Lake Loop.  We decided to stop for lunch instead of continuing on that trail.  After lunch we saw  a toboggan trail that lead about 500 yards south to another small lake.  Rod was the first one to stand on the lake , so it is now called Covert Lake!

There was a very well kept campsite on the shore of the lake.   We happened to meet the person who made the tobaggan trail and the campsite. He said he used to  work building  campsites in the interior of Lake Superior Provincial Park.   He said we are welcome to return to that site on different hikes. 

We got back safe  after only a few thrills and near spills on an icy hill.

All adventurers returned with plans to see that trail  in the summer.

Mission accomplished!!   PHOTOS