Sunday, May 14, 2017

Quirke Tailings, May 13, 2017

Commentary by Ron, photos by Astrid
Just another day in paradise as nineteen of us hiked just under 8kms at the Quirke Tailings site. As we hiked the wooded section south of the tailing ponds we were greeted by six Sand Hill cranes, a group of five & one loner; AWESOME! It is official, the black flies are out in numbers; fortunate for us they were more of a nuisance as they were not biting; this however changed the location of our lunch break; instead of sitting on the shore of Evans lake we went atop of the dam overlooking the lake to get away from the flies. After our lunch break we continued across the dam to the tailings roadway on the north side of the ponds to return to our vehicles.  Again we are fortunate to have this in our backyard. PHOTOS