Monday, November 13, 2017

*****Saturday, November 18th Hike*****

from Phill
We are thinking of doing a "Falls" hike on Sat. 18th. Nov. This will mean we plan to visit the Victoria Falls, not doing the mountain hike, just the falls, and then go on to Massey and visit The Chutes falls. Both should be pretty spectacular right now due to the excessive run-off.

The trip is about 160km. return. We plan on leaving from the Sears parking lot at 9.30am. 
After the falls visits we would have an optional stop for lunch in Massey, either at the Dragonfly or Bistro.

We would obviously car-pool, so fill the vehicles and remember to reimburse your driver.

Final decision, based on weather and number interested, will be made by Weds. 15th. Nov., and I need you to call me ASAP at 705 8488767 or 705 2619240 or e mail me at to confirm you would join the trip and whether or not you would stay for lunch