Thursday, April 26, 2018

Panel Mine Road 2018-04-26

April 26 was a gorgeous spring day.  Four of us took that opportunity to be outside. We hiked along Panel Mine Rd from the Serpent River culvert to Panel Mine gate.  We noticed the changes in the amount of snow even from  2 or 3 days past.  There were still people on Quirke Lake in lawn chairs  busily ice fishing.  Some folks just can't let go of winter!!!
We stopped at several interesting rock formations along the road.  Some even had little ice falls and water dripping off them from the high ground on the north side of the road. A sharp eyed hiker spied a patch of white and purple crocuses along the way.  On Panel mine site  we saw  a grouse which refused to stay still for a photo op.  We also saw a fox running across the ice.  Also too fast for the official hike photographer. It looked like it was heading in the general direction of the people  ice fishing.   Maybe checking for leftovers  from a successful fishing expedition??  We enjoyed our lunch overlooking Quirke Lake with Rooster Rock in the background.

There were only four of us but we hiked like the Dirty Dozen... fast but not furious!

PHOTOS courtesy Emily