Saturday, May 12, 2018

Victoria Falls & Mountain, 2018-05-12

Photos by Astrid, Marty, Connie and Norah
Great annual spring outing to Victoria Falls and Mountain today.  No bugs, a good breeze at the top, and oh the view!!  If you haven't been, plan on coming with us next spring.  Thanks Phill, terrific hike!

8 sturdy hikers headed to Victoria Mountain on Saturday, 12th of May. We visited the very active Falls on the Little Serpent River first and then went on to the Victoria Falls on the Serpent River. Both were just about in full freshet. Very impressive.  We then tackled Victoria Mountain. Needs work as several areas blocked by fallen trees and debris. Trail marking is also needed. We need to clear a safer trail at the peak, as that has become obscured and most marks are missing.  Despite that, the hikers made it to the top on a beautiful sunny day and enjoyed the views.  Phill