Wednesday, March 10, 2021


 The following is Dave’s report to the shared use committee ... 

- membership has been steady, most have renewed, new members join most months, still 90-100 members

-Marty Turner was elected V-P East of the Voyager Trail Association.(VTA)

- the VTA will not publish the printed guide book any longer.. They/we are building a digital, downloadable version of the maps this year

- we are building a trail from Spine beach to Sandy point to avoid hiking on the ski trail

- Our trailmasters are building a plan for trail clearing for the spring, (Red Briffet needs attention for example)  We bought an electric "hedge clipper" last fall and it was a great success.. so much so we have ordered 3 more.. most of out clearing does not need a chainsaw and these are a great little substitute for small ( but too big for clippers) cuts

- we have had to order more trail markers due to the inordinate clearing/marking we did last year. As we do a lot of the VTA trails that cross our area, they may pay for them.. (in process)

- we have created, marked and maintained trails through the bush, west from Spine beach, to Mink lake, and from all nations road, at slipper lake north to Quimby... we refer to it as the Bellingham Bush ( Jim Bellingham has been instrumental in locating, marking and guiding these)..  there are established atv and snowmobile trails through there as well that we augment..
We are still maintaining and improving trails. Grant's trail on the west side of Rye lake was cleared and marked this month for example.


David CdeB