Tuesday, October 19, 2021

HALO TRAIL 2021 10 19

 Eleven hikers left the meeting circle at the Scotiabank and slowly drove to the trail head at Burley Park. We had about 5 new hikers so we did not want to lose anyone not familiar with the streets of our fair City.

Not only did we not lose anyone,  we arrived at Burley Park with 3 more hikers!! The  eager hike leader had left the meeting place 3 minutes early just  before the 3 hikers arrived. 

We got ourselves sorted  out and started in the misty morning towards Angel Lake .. or First Lake .... or  Frog Lake. Same body of water is known by all these name

We walked along ELATV 2 towards Angel Lake and began the bush trail that circumnavigates it.

We dodged rocks, roots, scampered over logs and rappelled (almost) down a rocky, steep ledge.  Dave , ex firefighter, ably assisted people by showing them how to place their feet as they negotiated the steep ledge. 

We arrived at the cliffs where huge icicles form each winter. They look so different without the ice. 

Lunch break was at the portage between Angel and Crystal Lakes. 
Sunshine and beautiful flat water along with scintillating conversation made for a pleasant time. 

We continued along a more familiar shoreline trail and wound up bushwacking to the main trail and headed back to the cars.  

This was the first hike that we did around Angel Lake. We might call it the Halo Trail.