Tuesday, June 14, 2022

BLUE/YELLOW 2022 06 14

 It was a great day for a 6km hike. Temps not too high. Mosquitoes were well fed during our hike. An eagle flew overhead in the direction of our hike as we started out on the Blue Trail entrance at Westview Trailer Park. Eleven of us took the Blue Trail to join with the Yellow Trail. We took time to check out the new bench before heading onto the VTA/Trans Canada Trail.  Our boots just ate up those hills on that part of the  ridge . We reached the junction with the C de B Trail and after some extra exploration the C de B Trail was found among 😉 the red markers!! We had lunch at the cliffs across from the Miners Monument. During the hike, we saw some amazing shapes of yellow birch trees. Some had trunks that looked like dinosaur legs   While others were stubbornly perched on top of rotting stumps with their roots like claws!! Some huge hemlock and  pine trees had been blown across the hill leading down from the cliffs.   A quick detour was marked  around that obstacle.  We finished off by following the Blue Trail around  the edge of Horne Lake. We were checking the large pine and hemlock branches to see if we could spy a sleeping bruin. No luck.  We did see bear tracks and scat, though.  Again, great to have people along who  know many of  the native  plants .  One hiker  could answer and confirm many guesses at plant names by using her app.  A great day