Thursday, June 09, 2022

SPINE/HECTOR 2022 06 09

 Five people hiked the upper ridge of the Spine Rd Ski with a stop at Hector Lake. People enjoyed the shade under the tall pines as they rested near a huge Puddingstone boulder . It was partially covered with  a thick layer of pine needles.

Julie spied a porcupine approaching us and got a photo  as it scampered up a tree.

There was time to stop for a photo at a tree with 2 huge burls. Another sight was a tree that had been carved by pileated woodpeckers. A hole right through the tree  had been made. It was  big enough for Jean Guy's hand to fit !!

We cut short our plan to hike to the warming hut overlooking Mink Lake and Quimby Lake as  storm clouds approached from the WNW. 

Thunder rumbled and white caps sped eastward across  Elliot Lake as we stopped for a quick?????? drink and a few bites of lunch before heading east on the lower ridge of the Spine Rd Ski Trail  back to the cars.

Trail was muddy but that is what you expect when it rains.