Thursday, August 11, 2022

ANGEL LAKE 202208 11

 Ten folks, led by Chuck, embarked on a new (to most of us) trail, beginning at the Calmet snow dump, following along the shoreline of Angel Lake.  Awesome day for hiking and a truly interesting trail.  Purple loosestrife dotted the beginning of the trail which was quickly pulled out by Chuck.  Large hemlock trees as well as lots of evidence of bonfires dotted the shoreline.  Footing was somewhat tricky in spots, but all in all a fairly easy hike.  Lively conversations touched on many topics, from lobster rolls to pontoon boats!   A few hikers made plans to revisit this trail at a later date to see how far we could go.  A wonderful day all around - as one hiker noted, no matter how you felt at the start of the hike, one cannot help but feel rejuvenated at the end of the hike.  Thanks to Tami for the pictures and Camilla for sweep duties.