Monday, August 08, 2022

SHERIFF LAKE 2022 08 08

Rain gear and rubber boots would have been great choices for today, but 6 hikers, armed with only umbrellas and desire to go out on the trail, went hiking in the rain to Sheriff Lake.  

Our hope was that the rain would subside quickly and we would enjoy a hike in the wet woods.  Mother nature had a different plan.  The rain did not let up.
Although thoroughly soaked, walking in the rain was a pleasant experience.  The colours of the woods, the rock, pine needles and flowers are enhanced, and the sound of the rain on the leaves (and umbrellas) is soothing.  
Chuck spotted various edible mushrooms, including a chanterelle.  The nest on the rock face by the creek is still visible, although probably not actually in use.  It was determined that a nest has been in that rock cleft for the last 25 years. 
Although we turned back just short of our goal, the conversations were lively, and the laughter was frequent.  Getting soaked was a small discomfort compared to the enjoyment of being out on a trail with good company.