Tuesday, August 16, 2022

WOODPECKER 2022 08 16

Dave led 12 other hikers out the woodpecker trail in 20 degree heat.. all shade all day... Camilla was sweep.. from the snow dump, we went out past the big burl and uuuup the hill to the trails... Julie spotted chagga as we wended... a few less experienced hikers did very well as we turned on the ATV trail towards Esten lake.. we passed Crystal lake and on to the steep hill down to the beach... three hikers doffed boots and paddled in the lake... 25 minutes of basking, chatting and eating we tackled the hills again and back down the trail, retracing our steps. Heber recovered his stick, Dave found the way back, all hikers returned and no injuries... what a day... 3 hours in all