Tuesday, September 06, 2022

MISERY BAY 2022 09 06

 Jean Guy put together a special hike today to Misery Bay park on Manitoulin.  The car rally left the Scotia Bank at 8am and chased each other for 3 hours plus to the park entrance.  Each car was well packed with a total of 14 hikers.  Once at the park, we set out to conquer the 11.2km trek.  The first part was along a very well groomed trail arriving at the beach front.  There, we had a quick snack and then followed the rocky shoreline for EVER.  That section was well marked but there were rocks upon rocks to scramble over.  There were, however, sections of very flat pitted limestone ( I think) which made the walk a little easier.  We stopped twice along the waterfront for food breaks before finally reaching the section back through the bush.  It too was well marked although more rugged than the first section.  Several water breaks at this point before reaching the cars and then the 3hr drive home.  A fantastic day overall and special thanks to Suzanne for her efforts to guide us through the challenge.