Thursday, July 22, 2021

BANANA LAKE 2021 07 22

 Jackie guided the group of seven off of Dunlop Shores Rd to Banana lake lookout.  The trail was Liz’s Trail and well marked.  After a quick water break at Liz’s bench we continued along the trail to an open spot overlooking the rest of Banana Lake.  By then the sun was shining and the water was like glass. 

On the way back we ventured further along the trail but retreated at an uncrossable swamp.  Therefore we back tracked a bit and followed our way back to the cars.  We listened to loons calling, saw many peculiar flora and fauna, and also welcomed our newest hiker to the club. She was lots of fun  and completed the 7 km route with now problem. 

Thanks Jackie for a fun day

Wednesday, July 21, 2021


 Just a note to tell all Hike Leaders that there will be a meeting next Tuesday at 2:30 pm at Westview park under the shelter.  We need to set up the calendar for next month and perhaps even into September. 

Please come out to the meeting or email any dates that you would be able to lead

 The email to use is

Hope to see you next Tuesday. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

LACNOR 2021 07 20

 Five hikers started at  Lacnor Mine road to Dumbell Lake and back to Gates of Hell.  Enough energy was left to hike  up the Firetower Lookout Rd to the bench. From there we   started the Jackrabbit Trail at the Green Entrance. Muddy in spots as it had rained this am.  We bravely continued through the well marked trail and past the Big Boulder with the picnic table. Group decided not to stop for snack  because bugs were particularly hungry. We did make sure all along the trail today to have quick stops  to sip water and use bug spray. 

Along the way, we saw a luna moth caterpilllar , lots of tasty raspberries , and  summer wild flowers such as asters, blue weed, fireweed, St. John`s s wort and y  which are in yellow bloom. We even talked about the age old debate : is it a partridge or a ruffed grouse??? In any case we did not see any on this hike.

In all we hiked 7 km and were back at the cars at 12 :15 pm.  

We were all grateful that the temperature had been in the comfort zone today.

Commentary by Emily

TODAYS HIKE 2021 07 20

 It is raining now but weather radar says clearing sky by mid morning.  My hike will be a road walk on Lacnor mine property at the end of Milliken Rd.  Too wet to hike bush trails. 


Monday, July 19, 2021

EVANS LAKE 2021 07 19

 Chuck lead a group of six for a hot day hike to Evans Lake.  No wind and surprisingly few  bugs on our journey.  On the way back we took a side trip to Many Dace  lake as well.  There were lots of raspberries along the way.   Fun time and a great Monday hike for sure .  Thanks Chuck !

Saturday, July 17, 2021

PADDLING 2021 07 17

There was a special outing for those club members who are paddlers today.  11 paddlers started out by the boat launch at the Yacht club in Spragge and paddled Serpent Harbour into the North Channel, stopping by two beaches for a stretch and later our lunch break. Beautiful scenery and an enjoyable paddle around the islands. 



 Bonnie and Bill lead the hike to the McCarthy Falls.  Five of us did the road walk about 3km to the path into the falls.  We had to cut two fallen trees but that was done quickly.  The falls were running well but much quieter than at the spring run off. 

There were lots of raspberries to nibble on all along the road.

A small group but lots of chatter and fun.

Thursday, July 15, 2021


 This saturday July 17th. There will be a canoe kayak outing to the mouth of the serpent river in Spragg

Meet at the arena at 10am.  Contact JeanGuy for info 705 848 2544


 Heavy rain all day forces us to cancel todays hike

Tuesday, July 13, 2021


 Three of us hiked the Snowshoe Trail.  It is in good shape. There are a few trees that need to be cut back and pushed further off the trail. 

We watched 3 Sandhill cranes lift off as we rounded the corner from the bush to the old  railway .  Blue Jays and Chickadees were out, too. 
Rain was light as we stopped for a snack at the river.
Lots of cranberries along the riverbank and in the small pond. Blueberries look plentiful  as well.  
Rain got heavier as we got closer to the cars.