Our Club


President - Dave Nesbitt
Vice-President - Louise McLean
Treasurer - Sue Limoges
Recording Secretary - Renee Francois 
Trailmasters - Heber Davis & Brian Preiswerck

Membership Secretary - Sue Limoges. 705-227-0498

Our Blog

If you've reached this page, you've reached our blog!  The Blog Pilot is Heber Davis.  If you're interested in helping out with the blog, contact Heber

To have your hike photos published on the blog, email them to your blog pilot at elhiking@gmail.com and include a brief description of the hike.  

General meetings are (usually) held on the third Tuesday of September, November, January, March and May. Reminders are posted on the blog and emailed to all club members who have provided us with an email address (so please let us know if your email address changes!) a week or so prior to the meeting.

Meetings normally take place at Snowbirds Snowmobile Club clubhouse, located at #700 Highway 108.  After you've turned off the highway, keep to the right.  You'll pass the Rod and Gun club on the right.  The clubhouse is straight ahead.  It's the building with the spanking brand new wheelchair ramp.

Hike leader meetings are held as required, also at the clubhouse unless otherwise advised.  Reminders are posted on the blog and emailed to hike leaders.  Hike Leaders, if you are unable to lead a scheduled hike, please contact your blog pilot by phone or email elhiking@gmail.com so the calendar can be amended.

Mine Sites Access As requested by Denison Mines, if you wish to lead a club sanctioned hike on any of the former mine sites, please call 705-848-9191 x 221, preferably two business days prior to your scheduled hike.