Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 11, Cobre Lake hike

Meeting at Sears. Thx Pim for the pics and comments below.
Cobre Lk boardwalk
Climbing to the viewpoint
A well earned view
Vaseau Lk crossing
On the beach at Ten Fish Lk
Crossing at Blue Sky Lk
The mine adit
The Katimavik group
Back to the parking lot, whew!

September 11 Cobre Lake hike

Thirty-three people went out Saturday, September 11 for a hike on the Cobre Lake Trail.  After setting off from Cobre Lake, we climbed Belvedere Mountain to the lookouts overlooking Cobre, Tenfish and Vasseau Lakes, took pictures at Vasseau Lake, had lunch at Tenfish Lake, explored a mine adit (tunnel) near Blue Sky Lake, checked out the remains of a cabin back at Cobre Lake before wrapping things up with dinner at Dunlop Lake Lodge.