Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Accolades from Hike Ontario re Summit

Hello Hike Ontario team member,

I want to express my deep appreciation for your attendance at this year's Hike Ontario Summit. I know that Elliot Lake is a distance and expense to travel. Nevertheless, I am delighted that we had it there as the colours were stunning and the hospitality was terrific. I believe the program and presentations were worth your time and attention. This was largely due to a talented and energetic team from Elliot Lake.
I would have liked a greater attendance from southern members but I was delighted that so many of our trail associations from across the province were represented and we have you to thank for this. From the 67 daytime participants I counted 16 Trail associations represented. Please take some time to tell your fellow trail association and club members of the value of the experience and encourage them to come to Kitchener Waterloo next year from November 2 to 4th for the 2012 Summit and 40th Anniversary celebration of the Grand Valley Trails. It will be a great time.
Finally if you have some time and talent to give to Hike Ontario, we are putting our team together for 2011- 2012 and will be having an executive retreat at the MEC store in Burlington from 9 to 2 p.m. on Sunday, October 23rd. If you see a role for yourself with Hike Ontario, I would be happy to speak to you. I am excited by the new people we have on our executive and know we can find a role for you as part of a committee or with a working group.
Best Regards Tom
Past President Hike OntarioHello Phill and Alan,

I am delighted to pass this on. It was my pleasure to work with you and witness the active and effective group of people you have in Elliot Lake. I have had some other very postive comments from other reps who came to Elliot Lake. I can always remember terrific cooperation and execution in everything you promised to do Phill.

Alan I wish to add my words of congratulations for winning the Volunteer of the Year Award. I was delighted to see some of the work that you have done in the Elliot Lake area on the Sunday hike lead by Jean Guy. I also witnessed the warm regard that the Voyageur Trail members have for you at the Friday and Saturday events. If you need to come to London in future, please get in touch with me. I would love to host you in some fashion.

I will have wonderful memories of the Summit that we produced. Thanks for all of your efforts and best wishes for your future endeavours. If you need accomodation for next year's Summit, I have space in my current location and would happy to offer it to either of you. I am only an hour away from the K/W location.

Regards Tom
subject: Excellent Summit
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2011 22:34:58 -0400
Tom, Bill,
Kathy and I wanted to thank you for another excellent summit. I know from experience how much work these events are and you pulled off a great one. Can you also please pass on our sincere thanks to the organizers in Elliot Lake. We met a lot of great folks. The event was well run and the hike on Sunday was icing on the cake. I’m sure we’ll be heading back there at some point for some camping and hiking/canoeing.