Tuesday, October 04, 2011


The summit meeting seems to have been a success. About 36 people attended the pub night at the Fireside Classic Grill and we all had a good chin-wag there. We had 65 people registered for the Saturday meeting and that went well also. The speakers were good and kept to the time allowed.
Alan Day received a well deserved award for his volunteer efforts.
The lunch from the Esso deli was well received and was certainly a lot less expensive than having a catered affair. 
The dinner at the Moose on Saturday evening attracted 83, was outstanding and, of course, the Men of Song stupendous. (As usual)
The 3 hikes on Sunday were also well attended, both by our members and guests.
Thanks to all the volunteers for their efforts in making the meeting a success and the many members of our club that attended the meeting.