Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nominations 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 and counting………………

One month from today the Coureurs de Bois Outdoors Club will be holding its last general meeting of the year. This is also the meeting at which the new officers of the club must be elected..

The positions to be filled are:

President, Vice President, Trail Master, Treasurer and Secretary.

The club can be run with only two on the committee, President and Treasurer, but it is obviously better to spread the responsibilities over more people.

To date, the nominating committee, Gerry Jean and myself, have received no nominations for the positions.

I remind you that the present committee has to retire, having completed their two year term, but none of us are standing for re-election.

I would also point out the predicament that The Friends of Algoma East found themselves in recently when they could not find volunteers prepared to take over the reins. That club has now been forced to close.

Please look at yourself and ask “Do I want the club to close?” and if your answer is “no” either nominate yourself or put pressure on those you think could do the job.

I have said before, the job is not rocket science. Do you love hiking and the outdoors? Do you get along with people? Can you read and write?

Hey! Step up and take charge!