Thursday, October 06, 2011


An open letter to all members of the Coureurs de Bois Outdoors Club.

In a little over one month from now, November 15th to be precise, we will hold the last meeting of 2011. This is also when the new officers of your club must be elected.

The present management committee has to resign, having been elected for the past two years, according to the club constitution.

You should be aware that the present members of the committee are not only resigning, but also are not standing for re-election.

The latest report from the VTA shows that we have a very strong and increasing membership. We are now up to over 60 memberships.

The club has to have a minimum of two on the management committee. If this is not accomplished there is the possibility the club will fail.

I am sure, given the vibrant nature of our club at present, that you do not wish this to happen.

As we are not running for any office, Gerry Jean and I will be the nominating committee.

I have said many times that running the club is not rocket science! Yes, you have to be able to get along with people, but a good club largely runs itself. A cooperative committee can get things done very easily.

There are several ways to get people nominated. You may know someone in the club that you think would be ideally suited for the committee. Approach that person and see if they would be willing to be nominated for a position. Do not wait until the meeting and spring this surprise on someone before approaching them first. Once a person has expressed acceptance of your proposed nomination, let myself or Gerry know the name. Another way is to get together with the people you know would form a cooperative group and step up to the plate and let the nomination committee know. This is exactly what Gerry, Chuck and myself did four years ago. We agreed to all work together, Larry and Brenda were willing to help and we formed a close bond to run the club.

Call Gerry or me if you want more information as to what the jobs entail.