Sunday, January 01, 2012

Easy Hike & Cookout Sherriff Lake December 31

Photos from Donna, Gerry R, John B and Astrid.  Commentary by Astrid.

Twenty one revellers said farewell 2011 with a cookout at Sherriff Lake.
 Thanks to the efforts of Grant, John B and Gerry R, the area was ready for us and John B had the fire blazing by the time we arrived. Baked potatoes (thanks Kelvyn!) were a big hit as was the Kahlua (thank Darla...hiccup).

We're off!

Nice and warm!

Grazing wildlife

Grant's "Victoria's Secret" Sandwich

Waiting for the potatoes

Cookout Mexican style!
Taking a break

Happy New Year!!

Whaddaya mean I have to cook it.  Isn't that what husbands are for??