Saturday, January 28, 2012

Easy Hike Horne Lake January 28

Commentary by Pim and Astrid. Photos by Pim and Scott
Thirteen people went out on Saturday, January 28 for a snowshoe outing in heavy snowfall to Horne Lake and Westview park along a section of the Voyageur trail.  The snow laden trees made this a "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" experience.   We had a quick lunch stop at the picnic shelter at Westview Park and then made our way to McDonalds (which looked like a ski chalet!) where we ended our snowshoe trip.  The snow got  just about everyone wet.  As well, snow kept balling up under our feet and we had to tap our snowshoes against bridge railings and signposts along the way to keep them clear.  It was a losing proposition, and on the way back a number of us took off our snowshoes and walked back through the blowing snow over the snowpacked trail.  

And we're off!

Starting our snowshoe hike
Across the Bridge we go!

Around the curve on Horne Lake
Wipers for our eyeglasses would've come in handy today.

Such a gentleman!

Whomever goes down the hill must come up the hill!

Through the woods
Nice 'n cozy....

....under the roof

A Snowy return trek
At Chalet McDees