Monday, February 20, 2012

January 2012 General Meeting Minutes

Coureurs de Bois Outdoors Club
General Meeting - January 17,2012
Members present  - 24

Emily opened the meeting at 7 p.m. welcoming all in attendance.
Emily introduced  all the new committee.
New members  and guests were welcomed.

Motion was made by Phil B. that the previous Minutes of Nov. 15, 2011 be approved.
Motion was seconded by Darla M., accepted  and carried forward.

Thanks were given to Al and Charlotte  for their hard work in preparing  and arranging our annual
Christmas party.
Emily thanked Phil B. for his " mentoring'' of the new committee and will continue to ask him for advice.

The " Walk and Gawk"  hike is still a go.
The Cobra sign is still being worked on in care of Alan Day and will be ready  around April/May.

Treasurer/Secretary  Report

Donna reported that the available  balance  in account was $ 3,486.07.
Christmas dinner ticket  sales were $ l, 800.00 ( 72 tickets sold).
Cost for Christmas dinner  and hall rental was $ l. 564.68.
Donna stated that she would  be sure the Welcome  Centre  has ample supply of forms for VTA memberships.
Donna asked that hike leaders hand in sign up sheets every three months for her to send to VTA. Motion made by Darla M and seconded by Barb C to accept. Motion carried forward.

Report from Trailmaster
John B. stated the it is two functions: - to monitor trails and to keep trails in shape.
Volunteers  for trail clearing  will be on " off - hike" days in spring and fall.
Gerry J will let John  know the phone  number of person in charge of the Cobra Trail when time
comes to do trail clearing.
Our club had " adopted" the section of hwy 108 between airport and Depot  lake for cleanup in May and October.
John  keeps track of a log of the people/hours/expenses for trail clearing.

Upcoming Events
Grant M. mentioned  the following  dates for special hikes;
March 3 - hike to Nancy-Jo-s  cottage.
March  20 - our next general  meeting.
May 3 - hike to Victoria Falls.
May 10 - hike to Mount McBean.
May 26- hike leaders course  by Gerry  J.
May 22 - general  meeting.
May 29 - hike leaders meeting.

Winterfest February 25.
Grant needs more volunteers  and leaders
Phil B will contact the city about our snowshoe  hike that day

Grant mentioned  thatT GPS's are available  for those who want to use them
Phil B. made a motion that one GPS ( GPS Garmin  12) unit is obsolete and that we give it to Grant
Gerry J. seconded the motion and all were in favor.

January  28 - VTA meeting  in Sault Ste. Marie will be attended  by Emily and John B. for our club

Other Business
Emily mentioned  some imporlant things to remember on our hiking days:
- the whistle stops are: 1 blast means Stop,  2 blasts means Come Back to the Whistle, 3 blasts
means Come Back fast to the Whistle due to an emergency
- listen to the hike leader  in the circle for safety reasons.
- keeping close as a group when on a hike.
- water is essential  on all hikes.

For those interested in Geo-Caching  websites are available
Leisure hikes are are being worked on - time and day are being worked on
Emily asked for suggestions  for any guest speakers at future meetings
Al and Charlotte  have booked the 2012 Christmas party for December  15
Share the Wealth  of $ 12.00 soes to Phil b.

Shelley motioned  the meeting be adjourned at 8 pm.

Minutes prepared  by Donna Condon