Sunday, April 01, 2012

Easy Hike, Gullbeak Lake north side, March 31

Commentary and photos by Scott 
I led 13 hikers first to see a waterfall in the woods, then up to a lookout overlooking Gullbeak Lake in the distance. Then we hiked the Powerline Road to an old logging trail that led us to the north side of Gullbeak Lake, where we had lunch on a long sandy beach. We were split into two groups; "Earth" people on one side, "Stool" people on the other!  We cleaned up the trash on the way back to the cars, explored a still smoldering firepit, & saw rabbit feet hanging in a tree.

Above the Falls

Gullbeak Lake

Waterfall in the Woods

Discovered a Firepit

I think it's THAT way!

Gullbeak Lake from the Lookout

Jake & Jim exploring the tower grounds

Beach on Gullbeak Lake

Maureen heading up to the Tree House

The Beach

The "Earth" People

The "Stool" People

The Waterfall

Watch out, it's still smoking!