Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Spur Lake, 2018-06-05

Commentary and photos by Emily;
It was a cool day for a hike from Esten Dr. North to  Spur Lake.  Nine of us set out on our adventure.  Mosquitoes and caterpillars encouraged us to explore our fashion comfort zone. Many of us opted to wear our pant cuffs in our socks. We finished off that look with bug nets over our hats.  With the enchanting and intoxicating  aroma of Deep Woods Off or Muskol we were definitely runway material. We saw examples of the beauty of nature and the thoughtlessness of people.  We finished our break on the shores of  Spur Lake headed  back to the cars.  We learned a new word to apply to our ever expanding nature vocabulary.  Today's word was frass.  See you on the trails!!  PHOTOS