Saturday, June 09, 2018

VTA Crooked Creek/McGivern Lake

Commentary and photos by Astrid
Today's hike had something for everyone; forest trails, mud holes, a log crossing, a creek, a small waterfall, a beach, a lake, not too many hills, and bugs....lots and lots of bugs!  Well doused in "eau de deet", we set out on the VTA trail approximately 17 kms down Pipeline Rd (aka Gasline Rd, aka Boline Rd).  The wide open logging road soon gave way to a well maintained trapper's trail.  Spotted along the way were pregnant spiders, frogs, Mama and Baby moose tracks, and bugs.....lots and lots of bugs.  We went to the north side of Crooked Creek, explored the short trail alongside and then backtracked to McGivern Lake where we had lunch and Sirje had a swim.  Thanks for joining us!  PHOTOS