Monday, August 13, 2018

Beaver Mountain Hike - Saturday, August 11th

Commentary by Phill
Saturday, Aug. 11th. Forecast to be another in the long line of the humid and hot days experienced this summer. They were right, but 4 of us tackled the Beaver Mountain trail.
The heat was somewhat modified by the fact the trail follows mainly tree covered slopes. Going up from near the sanctuary, the trail was fairly clear and well marked. We took the north side trail back and this was in need of work. Hard to find the marks and overgrown in some places. The well known part along a steep slope needs attention. Worst of all, someone has put some trail marks up on the last section of the trail that lead to a virtually impassable area.

I plan to get a few and go in and repair this trail. We have to remember, this is a Memorial Trail and the plaque is still in place after 30 years.