Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Ski Hill to Firetower Lookout ~ 2018-08-07

Commentary by Emily Windle
It was a TBA hike. Among the 3 hopeful hikers who arrived for today's hike we established that our route would be from the Bunny Hill to the Firetower Lookout..
We enjoyed the warmth from the sun (honestly, we did!) but  really appreciated the cool temps under the shade cover along the trail.   Mosquitoes stayed away from us for the most part.  Those we met were not too hungry.

At the Firetower we enjoyed the view while munching on ice cream cones!!  What was not to like?  Gorgeous view  while enjoying a well earned treat. It was encouraging to see  visitors  at the Firetower. Another activity for out of towners to enjoy while here.

We returned to the parking lot at 2:45.   Another day in paradise.