Tuesday, September 04, 2018

***** Minutes of the May 15, 2018 General Meeting *****

Coureurs de Bois
General Meeting May 15th/2018

Members Present- 24
Martin T. opened the meeting at 7:00 pm
Guest Speaker
~Denis V. on Lyme Disease and Ticks
Denis’ daughter has been suffering from Lyme Disease for over 2 decades.  He said that with global warming ticks are now a year-round disease (they do not freeze). Testing in Canada is very poor and only about 30 percent accurate.  The test for anti-bodies (which may take 3-30 days to present) is done most accurately by a lab in California called IGeneX.com.  You may have a flat rash, no rash, or a bulls-eye rash (although a bulls-eye rash is only in about 10 percent of cases).  The treatment is antibiotics. Black-legged ticks (deer ticks) are the most common carriers. You may have flu-like symptoms, weakness, or fatigue.  It mimics the symptoms of MS the most.  It is an auto-immune disease and can attack all the systems in your body.  It can also cross the blood-brain barrier. Canlyme.org is a good source of information. 
The only thing that seems to be effective against ticks is 100 percent DEET.
Chuck Z. mentioned that we should give Denis a stipend of 100 dollars and it was motioned by Gerry J., and seconded by Pam E.  Motion was carried.

Minutes of the previous meeting accepted by Gerry J. seconded by Jim M.  Motion was carried

President’s Report
The highway clean-up to be rescheduled due to inclement weather.
Shared-Use Trails- we now have chainsaws, storage, and other equipment.
The City has hired a trails co-ordinator- Brad Parsons.
VTA- The Trailheads North Conference was attended by Joce L.
First Nations Engagement Meeting – was well attended, about 60 people, of those 15 were CdeB members.

Trail Masters Report
Trail clearing has started late due to a long winter. 
Semi White was cleared on May 7th/2018.
Helenbar was cleared on May 14th/2018.  Marty and Ron would like to thank everyone who came out to help clear!
We now have 2 electric chainsaws, 2 gas chain-saws, 2 brush saws, and safety equipment.  Sarah Daigle, who runs the Park, would like to thank us for all the work we do!!!!
Trail Co-ordinator for the City- to be the liaison for trail maintenance etc., (Brad Parsons)
Youth Ranger/Steward Program will help us for three days to clear the Cobre Trail in July.
We are requesting that the MNRF build a bridge across the creek at the Crooked Creek Trail. (It is part of the VTA and Trans-Canada Trail).

Secretary Treasurer’s Report
Jackie S. reported all transactions since our previous meeting in March.  Approved by Emily W., seconded by Jim M.

Old/Ongoing Business
George H. still investigating the implications of leaving the VTA.  We do not have to incorporate.  Liability for Board members and Hike leaders is limited to 5,000,000 / incident.  We do not have to submit names, just our numbers.

Gerry J. reported that Sarich’s repaired our snowshoes from Winterfest for n/c.  He also mentioned to call Clare if you are interested in previewing the new x-country ski equipment.

New Business
Emily W. asked if it was a good idea to bring GPS devices with us, when we are hiking in rugged, less known terrain (e.g. Lake Superior).  This would involve a monthly internet account.  Laura C. to investigate.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:30 pm

Next Meeting- Hike Leaders June 26th at the Clubhouse
Next General Meeting September 18th at the Clubhouse.