Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Minutes from General Meeting September 18th, 2018

Coureurs de Bois
General Meeting September 18th/2018

Members Present – 27
Laura C. opened the meeting @ 7:05 pm

Guest Speaker -   author Lindsay Paton Lodge
The author, was born in Toronto, and was an animal and nature lover from an early age. She had hoped to become a fish and wildlife biologist. Enroute to achieving that goal, in 1968 she met “Trapper” (the King of Algonquin Park), and thus began a lifelong relationship and her life-long adventure of living off the land in the remote wilderness; real wilderness survival - no helicopter dropping supplies, no camera crew a few feet away, no doctor just a phone call away.
Paton spoke about her book King of Algonquin Park which describes the colourful life of Joseph Emmett Chartrand 
(b- 1914- d 2000). 
At a young age he (age 8) and his sister (age 6) were left to fend for themselves after the death of their mother, and after their father never returned home one day.  The young “Trapper” eventually got his little sister out to civilization and she was raised by his mothers’ sister. Being self-reliant, resilient and beholden to no-one  he survived by living off the land. He lived in old root houses from the square timber days, and  an old bark tepee he found in the forest, and in caves. He fished, hunted and trapped and was on his first “River drive” (logs)) at age 14.
He was the infamous and notorious poacher of Algonquin Park. He was known as the “Beaver Man”, “King of the Long Runners”, and finally the “King of Algonquin Park”.  He walked everywhere in the park, because he was poaching beavers illegally, and didn’t want to be caught. He wore his snowshoes backwards and made stilts with moose hooves carved on the bottom so the Park Rangers wouldn’t catch him.
The book chronicles the adventures and she has written a second book called The King’s Ransom, and is currently working on a third.
Paton  had copies of her book for sale at the meeting. It is also available on Amazon.ca as a download or signed copies from the author at her webpage at 
The presentation was filled with history from the voyageur times and Trapper’s descent from the real voyageurs. The book is full of wilderness experiences and knowledge that bring much laughter and tears to the reader. Its the real thing.
The Club Members virtually swarmed the author and purchased books. The author thoroughly enjoyed her evening with the club members and hopes to attend again in the future.

Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted by Phill B. and seconded by Judy M.

President’s Report -
A Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was hosted by the City of Elliot Lake on Sept 15th.
The Highway Clean-up from Depot Lake took place in May.  At the end of September / beginning of October another clean-up is to be scheduled from Depot to the Airport.

Shared Use Trails- The executive of the Shared Use Trails is trying to get people hiking.  Brad Parsons is the liaison.

The City will be making “building lots” (commercial) on Fox Drive.  This will impact ATV, snowmobile, and hiking trails around Porridge Lake.

The VTA has a new website.  They also have new trailhead signs.  Their AGM will be held in Iron Bridge this year.

We have an emergency simulation this year put on by the city.  Marty, Jackie, Emily, Jim, Chris, and Tom, have volunteered to take part.

Trail Masters Report -
We cleared the Cobre Trail up to Blue Sky Lake and Vasseau Lake.  4-5 km are left to do.
Marty T. is hoping to have another trail clearing by the end of this year.

A section of the VTA trail from Spanish to Blind River needs to be cleared and marked.

Elliot Lake > McGivern > Granary Lake, approx. 1 km needs to be marked.  It is very close to being completed (our section of the VTA trail).

Crooked Creek needs a bridge.

Treasurer’s Report -
Jackie S. reported all transactions since our last meeting.
Motion to approve by Jackie S.  Second by Gerry J.

Old/Ongoing Business -
A motion to approve closing the research on separating from the VTA was made by Laura C., and was seconded by Jean-Guy.

New Business
Members to pay Donna C. for membership dues. You no longer need to pay through the VTA.  Donna will accept cash or a cheque.  Receipt to be issued.

Xmas Party -
The Christmas Party will be on December 7th at The Moose Lodge.  Sheila H. is organizing the event.  More details will be posted on the blog.

A new Hike Leaders Course will be offered by Jerry J.   More details will be on the blog.

Jean-Guy will be investigating getting a Spot Satellite for more of our difficult hikes as there seemed to be a problem on a recent hike with communication on a Cobre Trail hike.

Judy M.  showed us a prototype cloth sling bag for use when we are hiking to collect garbage.  She hopes to have some to donate at the Christmas party and is investigating if the Quilting Guild can make some more.

A motion was made to give a stipend to Paton Lindsay Lodge for her talk on the King of Algonquin Park.  Motion to approve by Jackie S, second by Emily W.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:45 pm.

Next General Meeting is scheduled for November 20th @ 7pm at the Snowbirds Clubhouse.