Monday, January 07, 2019

Minutes of the November 20th/2018 Meeting

Coureurs de Bois November 20th/2018 Meeting

Members Present - 20
Laura C. opened the meeting at 7:05 pm
Minutes of previous meeting were accepted by Pam E, seconded by Rick M

Guest Speaker – Clare from Sarich’s Sports
Clare and her husband gave us a very informative talk about their latest clothing and sports gear that they have in their store.  
We had samples of clothing, cross-country ski’s and poles, and snowshoes. A couple of door prizes were drawn as well.
I think we all learned a little about gear and equipment!

Vice-President’s Report-
Art F. reminded us of our upcoming Winterfest involvement with the City again this year.  To be held March 2nd and 3rd/2019.  
At last years event we had just over 60 parents and kids snowshoeing to Horne Island where we had some refreshments
available and a fire to warm them up!
We will begin to look for volunteers in the January meeting to help with leading and sweeping small groups to the Island,
organizing the food, and helping to make sure the site and firewood is prepared.  

Trail Masters Report
Ron T. thanks all who volunteered to help with Trail Clearing, 80% of the Cobre Trail is complete!
Trail Clearing in Blind River from Crooked Creek to Granary Lake needs to be done so that we can complete and have our
section of the VTA trail in good shape.  A spring-project.

Financial Report-
Jackie S. reported on all financial transactions since our last meeting.
Motion to approve accepted by Rick M, and seconded by Don R.

Report on the Emergency Rescue held by the City of Elliot Lake -
Jackie S. reported on the simulated dam break and rescue that was held by the City and Emergency Rescue crews.
Five members of the club strategically placed themselves in an unknown location to Emergency Rescue Crews
(though they knew the general area) and after 3 ½ hours they were unable to locate us near the Lacnor Mine Site.  
A debriefing was held later in the afternoon with some takeaways;
  1. -let Denison Mines know where you will be hiking
  2. -it is good to have your own plan of evacuation should an emergency occur
  3. -have a cell phone with you fully charged in an area with coverage

It was a cold, but fun experience!   Thanks to all who participated.

New Business-

Club Logo and Clothing-
We are looking in to the possibility of updating our Club Logo and having it printed on Ball Caps and possibly
other clothing – ongoing.

Xmas Party 2018 –
We had a decrease in ticket sales this year from 92 to about 73 tickets with the price for the dinner remaining
the same @ 25.00 each.  We pretty much broke even again this year. Thanks to Sheila H., and all those who
helped in various ways. We couldn’t do it without you!

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:30 pm
Next Meeting to be Held at the Clubhouse on January 15th/2019

Minutes prepared by Jackie S.