Monday, February 11, 2019

Porridge Lake, 2019-02-09

Commentary by Astrid
Saturday's hike around Porridge Lake turned out to be a whole lot more challenging than anticipated!  We started out just fine along the walking path parallel to 108, but things changed in a hurry when we got into the bush.  Five of our group turned back once we got down the hill from the hydro lines (which meant they had to climb back up the hill!), and the rest of us kept going.  I lost track of the number of falls and slips and "just plain stuck".  While we were lucky enough to float on the crust of  ice, more often than not we broke through, managing to catch our toes and coming face to face with the snow.  Marty and I want to thank Norah for her assistance in accompanying several hikers back to their car, and the trailbreakers for their good cheer and stamina.  A note of caution; snow conditions in the bush are unpredictable.  Marty broke a snowshoe, it just snapped in half at the pivot point!  Sorry folks, no pictures.  We were too busy staying upright.