Monday, March 11, 2019

Coureurs de Bois January 20th/2019 Meeting

Members Present – 19
Art F. opened the meeting at 7:00 pm.
Minutes of Previous meeting approved by Emily W. and seconded by Don R.

Vice-Presidents Report-
Winterfest Sign-up sheets available to sign for various jobs for Winterfest.

Trail Masters Report-
Preparations for Winterfest will probably be on February 28th to clear site etc. on Horne Island.
Peggy Wilson (from the MNR) will probably get the Youth Rangers again this year to help with trail clearing in the Park.
Ongoing- Crooked Creek (Blind River Section) Hopefully in the Spring it will be cleared and marked.

Financial Report-
All transactions since the November2018 meeting were reported by Jackie S.  approved by Emily W. seconded by Phill B./carried.

Donna C. reports that most members are renewing on a timely basis, and that things are working well now that she is in charge of it.  Membership is up and growing!

Ongoing Business-
George H. to report back in our September as to separating from the VTA
We will be looking at getting someone from the VTA to speak to us at some point on this issue.

New Business-
Marty T. made a motion to join the Trail Alliance.  Approved by Phill B., seconded by Carolyn F./carried
The Alliance would be between The Cross Country Ski Club, The ATV Club, and The Snowbirds (Snowmobile Club).
We need to submit a 3-year plan by January 18th/2019 as to the funding we would need.  We hope to get funding by the Provincial Government.
Other benefits of belonging to the Alliance would be the sharing of equipment e.g. an ATV for trail clearing

Carolyn F. made a motion to nominate Martin T. as the new president.
Marty graciously accepted to fill in as interim president.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:15 pm.

The next meeting is scheduled for March 19th at the Clubhouse.
A pizza night and gear swap is planned.  Starting time is 6 pm.