Monday, March 15, 2021


We meet as per usual at Scotia Bank tomorrow at 10 AM.  We'll then re-meet at the bigTim Hortons in Blind River on the right side of the road for a bathroom stop.  From there we follow the signs to the Boom Camp Trail Head where we started out from on Jackie's Hike last fall.  However, we will not turn into the parking lot there this time.  Instead, we continue on the road until it dead-ends at the boat launch.  This is where the Mississaugi River enters the North Channel and where we will park.  We can see the icebergs from here and to get right up close and personal it's only à relatively short distance hiking close to the water's edge.  Depending on how much time we want to spend there, we can continue following the shoreline to the scenic Beach spot where we lunched last fall.  We understand that what Monique & I saw today on the reconnaissance trip was highly unusual.  Apparently yesterday (Sunday), a huge number of people viewed this attraction.  Pics are attached.