Sunday, March 28, 2021


 The VTA recently sent a request with elaborate, complicated procedures for trail clearing.  The following is our clubs response.

C de B have our own trailsmasters. (4)
-The trail masters maintain, sharpen, repair, replace and clean all our tools. (saws, loppers, hand tools etc) with help from the city of Elliot Lake staff. An inventory is updated regularly.
-On individual trails, (in and out on the same trail) we typically have three or four
participants: 1 sawyer, two loppers and a sapper brush mover.. the loppers typically carry signage and put up, replace and reposition signs.
-On loop trails we may send two groups in opposite directions to complete the task. We have done longer trails that required three groups to complete.
-Appropriate physical distancing and all other safety protocols are heeded.
-Sawyers are all Ontario certified.
-Safety equipment and first aid kits are a must.

We do not use hand sanitizer on the tools. Most clearers wear gloves.
We do not fill in an on line questionaire. The trailmasters organize the clearing crews. Most often one trail master accompanies, leads or is a part of the crew. They select and organize from a rotation of re qualified club members.
Hike leaders often go out to pre scout their selected trail before hand and may do minor clearing as needed at that time. They will report to the trailmasters if a crew for major work is needed.