Thursday, April 29, 2021


As the ending song goes to the very old Mickey Mouse Club TV show:  ....Now's the time to say good-bye to the ......Hiking Club family, ......  😥.
Our fall/winter/spring 7 months in Elliot Lake just flew by very fulfillingly, relaxingly, and happily.  For our intro to the hiking and snowshoeing experience, it was truly amazing.  Of course the mainstay was the wonderful & unforgettable camaraderie of all of our hiking friends. The so many laughs, stories, jokes, quick quips, and other outright foolishness made for real fun outings.  All that made us very quickly feel so comfortably at home here. The so many other lasting memories that we will always cherish surround the absolutely gorgeous Canadian Shield landscapes and the hike leaders who enlightened us with their extensive knowledge of the area's mining history and the geography generally.  I really liked the mining sites and the interesting stories about them.  Not to forget my love of rocks - particularly Pudding Stones 😃.  There were so many great trails that we explored.  The Hellenbarr and look-out there especially stand out.  Also, Helen's Trail, the Quirk Lakes, Massey Park, High Rocks, Rainbow Ridge, Blind River's Boom Camp & of course, the Bellingham Bush.  And, as the curtain was about to fall, I was ever-so-grateful to be guided through both the entire Cobra Lake Loop Trail and inside the abandoned Copper Mine site. The crescendo and grand finale, saw yet another long sought after attraction scratched off the wishlist.  We came to a full stop on the main highway to watch the biggest bear in the world cross the road - right in front of us!
We hope our trails cross again someday ☺ .
Your friends / Monique & John