Sunday, September 12, 2021

Presidents letter to VTA

 1 We have had 8 new members join since the start of the year.

2 The trail from Spanish to Kings Lake road is not usable.. niether snowmobile nor ATV clubs will risk their machines on it.. our long distance hiker tried to hike it and had to turn back due to beaver floods and large brush falls.. therefore we have decided to close that section and are trying to find a way from Highway 17 and 108 junction to King Lake road.

3 Our trail section now starts at King Lake road and Hwy 108, near the airport.. 

4 We have finished clearing and re-signing the trail from there to Pipeline road. However after we finished that and patted our trail clearers on the back, we had a big (BIG) wind and some may need new attention.. Some was cleared again and I inspected more and it was okay. Not all 41 km has been checked in the past two weeks.

5 The Red Brifet section is cleared and re-signed and has a new picnic table at the Elliot/Quimby lake lookout.

6 We have resumed 4 a week hikes but some certified leaders are hesitating to lead until we have officially restarted certified hikes..

7 Gerry Jean is a provincial certified trainer and he is planning a course this fall. He is able to train trainers as well, and plans to do that before the course so the new trainer can help run the course and get the required experience.

8 Our AGM is coming up at year end and some executive spots will need to be filled.