Thursday, October 14, 2021

SOGGY 2021 10 14

Seven soggy but  smiling hikers finished a 9.25 km  three hour hike. One of us had to leave before the soggy part began

We started out dry but Mother Nature had other plans.

Our hike started at Milliken Mine site where we passed Sherriff Lake and up the long hill to Lacnor Mine site. We picked up the Jackrabbit Trail and it brought us to the Firetower Road. We followed that to the Green/ Easy entrance to the other side of the Jackrabbit Trail. We braved muddy   leafy, rocky trails to the erratic and picnic table. for a lunch break. 

That is where the soggy part really began in our adventure. Our lunch was not too leisurely as we had to pack up quickly and put our rain gear back on. 

We continued on  the Blue part of the Jackrabbit Trail to the Firetower Road and back on Milliken Rd to our vehicles.  

Along the trek we saw a number of other trail entrances .   We have more adventures for  future hikes